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  1. chevre

    getting rid of that baby smell

    Just a thought, but lots of hand pump soaps have a strong fragrance. Maybe try using one of those, and at the worst you just smell like hand soap :-P.
  2. chevre

    Can any of you wear diapers anywhere without being afraid ?

    As far as fear goes, the only place I'd truly be "afraid" to wear diapers would be to a doctor's appointment. Since I'm not IC I feel like it would be awkward and bring up some uncomfortable questions when they're spotted, for instance when reaching under my shirt to listen to my heart, lungs...
  3. chevre

    Anyone tried the Unique Wellness Brief?

    I have used them in the past and I liked them. As mentioned, they're an excellent diaper for the price. And, if you get on their mailing list or follow them on twitter, they pretty regularly have sales. I was pretty satisfied with the ones I ordered in the past. However, I ordered a case...
  4. chevre

    Where To Ship?

    Call your local UPS store(s) (they are independently owned so they may have different rules per store). I used this technique when I was subleting an apartment under the radar (i.e. without the place I was staying knowing about it... not my idea but I needed a place to stay!). There was a UPS...
  5. chevre

    Would you ever "come out" on social media?

    drwho, you pretty much nailed what I was thinking about... I have a number of friends on Facebook who happen to be gay, some of which I found out... well, through facebook. It's actually kind of amazing how much of a non-event it seems to be these days (which I think is great, by the way).
  6. chevre

    Would you ever "come out" on social media?

    Just wondering if anybody has, or would, come out on social media like Facebook as an AB/DL? And I'm talking like "real" profile, not an alt diaper-only account. For me the answer right now is "no", but on more than a few occasions I've found myself visiting a page like Bambino Diapers' page...
  7. chevre

    Pinhole leaks in Unique Wellness Diapers / Other diaper defects, anomalies

    I wonder if it's related to the new design... I'm pretty sure I never had this issue with the ones I had from about a year ago. I've got a few left in my archive, so I'll dust one off and see. If it works okay, I guess I'll try my luck and ship back the unused ones I have now. It's kind of...
  8. chevre

    Pinhole leaks in Unique Wellness Diapers / Other diaper defects, anomalies

    So, a month or two back Unique Wellness put out a pretty decent sale (as they do from time to time) and my stash was running a bit low so I ordered a case. I hadn't ordered them in about a year, so I wasn't super surprised to find out the design had changed a bit. For instance, the outer cover...
  9. chevre

    3 Tape Diapers...where do you start?

    I feel like the odd one out here. I always start with the middle tape first. Then I stand up and do the bottom then the top. After reading the replies here I feel compelled to try the bottom up approach! :-)
  10. chevre

    Resume Advice

    Imo it's unlikely to matter. They'll be much more concerned with what it says than if your ink has a subtle color. I used to get my resumes printed at a copy shop on my uni campus. In the end, the job I got was from one ob plain paper printed from any old printer. So, I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. chevre

    Hello, world!

    Welcome! I knew the instant I saw your thread title you'd be a programmer :-P. I think you'll find you're in good company here. Myself, software is my trade so I do spend an awful lot of time coding. I mostly do C at work, but python has a special place in my heart. Anyway, pour yourself some...
  12. chevre

    The Nerd in the Family

    Well... I'm definitely what you'd consider a nerd but I'm not sure I can claim to be THE nerd of the family :P. My dad is a PhD chemist, mom has her M.Ed in special ed, one lil sis is in med school, and the other is going for her masters in education as well. I finished up my MS in computer...
  13. chevre

    OS systems

    Just to add to what others have said -- the question seems a little unclear to me. If you really want to learn how an OS works, I'm tempted to suggest MINIX (versions 1 & 2). After all, that's *why it was created*. It was also partly what inspired Linux. Linux is great, but being a production...
  14. chevre

    Double Padding?

    Agreed. I always found the multiple diapering thing to be awkward and too much fuss for my liking. These pads slip easily into place and otherwise you just diaper yourself normally. It may work out to be cheaper, too, depending on what diapers you are doubling.
  15. chevre

    I'm back again! [Good News]

    Thanks for the greets, guys! And just to clarify, I used to be 24/7. Just at work is only 'cause she's not ready for me to wear them around her yet. And yep, programming more than ever :-). Just finished out my first year out in the industry in June.
  16. chevre

    I'm back again! [Good News]

    Hey all, I'm not even sure how many of you will remember me at this point. I've been away for quite a while, and the last time I "returned" I didn't end up sticking around for long. Well, the reason for that was that I was having some issues with my fiancee regarding diapers. If you've read...
  17. chevre

    My wisdom teeth are coming in! Gah!

    Take a deep breath and relax :P. It's not that bad, I promise. The laughing gas won't make you feel high or anything, just a bit zoned out. When I had it done it was a combination of that and an IV drug. I was conscious the entire time, though I don't remember much of the actual procedure...
  18. chevre

    For those that work in an office...

    I was wearing 24/7 for a couple of months, including at the office. Honestly, I avoided changing altogether by wearing a high capacity diaper (mostly Secure X-Plus). When I did have to take care of "business", so to speak, I found a bathroom a floor down that saw little traffic (due to being...
  19. chevre

    Tax the Church?

    No, don't tax churches. We have a separation of church and state for a reason. Part of the deal that churches get in not paying taxes is that they cannot openly lobby or advocate political candidates (currently churches can lose their tax exempt status for doing so). If we tax them, then we'll...
  20. chevre

    Suggestion Require authenticating against your ADISC account to join IRC

    Is it really necessary? What if there's a split or services are offline and someone manages to "borrow" the bot's nick? Linking through nickserv might be okay, though.