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  1. chevre

    Would you ever "come out" on social media?

    Just wondering if anybody has, or would, come out on social media like Facebook as an AB/DL? And I'm talking like "real" profile, not an alt diaper-only account. For me the answer right now is "no", but on more than a few occasions I've found myself visiting a page like Bambino Diapers' page...
  2. chevre

    Pinhole leaks in Unique Wellness Diapers / Other diaper defects, anomalies

    So, a month or two back Unique Wellness put out a pretty decent sale (as they do from time to time) and my stash was running a bit low so I ordered a case. I hadn't ordered them in about a year, so I wasn't super surprised to find out the design had changed a bit. For instance, the outer cover...
  3. chevre

    I'm back again! [Good News]

    Hey all, I'm not even sure how many of you will remember me at this point. I've been away for quite a while, and the last time I "returned" I didn't end up sticking around for long. Well, the reason for that was that I was having some issues with my fiancee regarding diapers. If you've read...
  4. chevre

    New Dry 24/7's

    So, after a long hiatus after being compromised, it would seem that the Dry 24/7 site has returned. They also claim to have a new and improved product. Has anyone tried these out yet? Due to my current situation I probably won't be trying them in the near future :(, but I'd like to know about...
  5. chevre

    Hey y'all, I'm back!

    So, after an unannounced hiatus from this site, I've returned! I was never really planning to leave, but rather I just got caught up with life outside here. In the past months I've been busy getting settled into a new town, a new job, and getting engaged (the latter of which isn't going as well...
  6. chevre

    Boosters & Pads / Stuffers

    So, do you guys put "boosters" in your diapers, or something similar? In the past I rarely did, as my preference was for thinner diapers at the time. But, as my interest has shifted to thicker diapers, I gave them a try again and order a pack from XP Medical. They're the big Abena ones...
  7. chevre

    How to get your bag checked at the airport

    So, I know the topic of flying in diapers comes up periodically. I've done it a number of times now, and never had any problems. However, I noticed something interesting flying this past weekend. Although diapers had never attracted any attention (neither on me nor in my bag), security seemed...
  8. chevre

    RIP Dominick Dunne

    Dominick Dunne died today. I always enjoyed his reporting work, and he just had a way of speaking that could keep me listening for hours. He will be missed.
  9. chevre

    Secure X-Plus better than Bambino?

    So, I recently ordered some Secure X-Plus diapers to add to my stash. I figured the would be pretty similar to Bambinos, being made by the same manufacturer. What I didn't expect, though, was that the X-Plus actually seems thicker and more absorbent. I think part of it might be the big blue...
  10. chevre

    Irresoponsible Misinformation at UToronto?

    So, I was browsing the wikipedia discussion page for the diaper fetishism article and stumbled across a link to this powerpoint presentation: hxxp:// It looks to be a presentation from some psychology class at the University of Toronto, mainly...
  11. chevre

    And you thought your fetish was weird! So being a DL I've heard of some strange fetishes, but this has to be up there near the top. Just thought I'd share with y'all :-P.
  12. chevre

    Adisc mobile

    I know that someone (I think it was Martin?) posted a link to a more mobile-friendly version of the site. While the current layout is navigable, it's not the most mobile friendly, and I couldn't dig up the link. Your help is appreciated :biggrin:
  13. chevre

    Music or Lyrics?

    So, when you listen to music, do you tend to choose the music for the music or the lyrics? My girlfriend and I had this discussion the other day and I thought it was kind of interesting. I tend mostly to listen for the music, and it's definitely the main factor that goes into me listening to...
  14. chevre

    Wetting the bed with someone else in it!

    So, I had kind of an odd experience the other week. I took my girlfriend out to my school to visit for senior week. One morning I woke up to "Are you peeing?" I laughed and jokingly replied, "No, are you?" We laughed a little, but then when we got out of bed probably a half hour later, I felt...
  15. chevre

    Image Watermarking

    So, in light of the recent gallery issues, I thought of something that might make it less desirable to distribute pictures. What if, instead of (or I guess could be in addition to) posting just the ADISC / do not distribute watermark, there was a big watermark on the image listing the user name...
  16. chevre

    Diapared to Final Exams

    So, for years I've made a tradition of wearing to final exams. It's probably mostly due to the stress involved, although there's the obvious utility as well :-P. I don't really wear to school all that often, otherwise. It's not such a big deal for me anymore since I now live on my own, but I...
  17. chevre

    Your Email Client

    So, we've got loads of threads it seems about browsers, but what email client do you use? I mostly use Thunderbird, but I've been forced to use Outlook at some points (damn you MS Exchange server). I also make occasional use of webmail or mutt.
  18. chevre

    That last drop

    Hey guys, so uh, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen this posted before and it was kind of bugging me today. This is mainly for guys (as far as I know). After wetting your diaper, how do you get rid of the last few drops? Sort of like when you go at a urinal and when you're done you, er, you...
  19. chevre

    Ribbed for His/Her Pleasure?

    So, my most recent pack of Dry 24/7 seem a little different. The diapers always have that sort of ribbed pattern in them, but it's not that pronounced. In these, the ribs are a lot stronger to the point where it actually feels a little funny when you put it on. Although, it seems just as, or...
  20. chevre

    Goodbye Circuit City

    Well, if you haven't heard it yet, Circuit City is officially going out of business. While I never shopped there much, it starts to put into perspective what's going on in the economy. While I couldn't relate so much to huge banks failing.. I never dealt directly with any of them.. it's much...