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  1. PaddedInEastvale

    Incontincence during sex?

    My wife recently has been, what she thinks, peeing during sex. More often than not, our bed is left with a pretty big wet spot after sex. This has only been happening for the last 5 or so months now. I asked her if it might be her “excitement” that’s leaking, but she says she can tell it’s not...
  2. PaddedInEastvale

    YouTube / Social Media vs College

    Since we have members here from age 18 to 80 here, I wanted to ask this question and get everybody’s opinion. I want to see if opinions vary by age group. I’m 39 and was talking to my 16 year old son last night. His passion is music and I would be very surprised if he doesn’t end up doing...
  3. PaddedInEastvale

    Call Me Kat Diaper Scene

    Did anybody watch Call Me Kat last night (2/11)? They had a scene where Kat imagined her best friend wearing a diaper. He was definitely in an ABDL diaper. I didn’t want to look to interested in front of the wife, but I think it was a little monsters. Don’t quote me on that, it it definitely...
  4. PaddedInEastvale

    Do you wish everybody loved diapers or are you okay being “abnormal”?

    Just wondering if you guys would prefer a world where everybody loved/wore diapers or do you prefer the current world where you have this secret? Would you even love it as much if it was widely accepted?
  5. PaddedInEastvale

    Anybody have a non-ABDL partner who wears strictly for your enjoyment?

    I know a lot of us have partners who are not into ABDL or are straight out disgusted by it (like my wife), but I wanted to know if there are any people here who have non-abdl partners who wear just to indulge them. How did you get them to do it? I wish my wife would, but that will never happen.
  6. PaddedInEastvale

    If forced, who is the one person you would tell who doesn’t already know?

    Let’s just say somebody had a gun to your head and says “tell one person who doesn’t know about your ABDL side or I will shoot”. Or if you want a less violent scenario, somebody offers you $1,000,000 to tell that unknowing person. Who would it be and why? I think mine would be my older...
  7. PaddedInEastvale

    For this who have kids that know, how did you tell them?

    I’m just curious how those of you who told your kids of your AB or DL side, how did you go about doing it? Were you caught? Did you just come clean from day one? I have kids so I can’t imagine them finding out, but I know there are those out there that have told their kids. This question is...
  8. PaddedInEastvale

    Has anybody here seen a psychiatrist/psychologist due to being ABDL?

    I’m just curious as to who here has ever been in therapy because of being an ABDL. I have a couple of questions. 1). Was it forced by somebody that found out or did you willingly go? 2). What was the psychiatrists / psychologists thoughts on being ABDL?
  9. PaddedInEastvale

    Just wanted to share my Offer Up score

    I picked these up through offer up for $10. There was also a plastic diaper cover hiding in the box. Best find I ever got through Offer Up.
  10. PaddedInEastvale

    A bet to wear a diaper.

    So I made a bet with my wife yesterday. She said if she won, I have to buy her a new purse which is around $200. So I said, what do I get if I win? That’s a pretty big prize. She said to choose something. So I said if I win, you have to wear a diaper for me one night. At first she said no...
  11. PaddedInEastvale

    Is it weird to be turned on by my wife wearing incontinence pads?

    So my wife has had stress incontinence since she had our twins almost 12 years ago. This means she leaks a little when she sneezes, coughs, laughs, etc. She was able to get by with a very small and thin panty liner up until a few weeks ago. The leaking became too much for the small liners and...
  12. PaddedInEastvale

    Strange dream last night

    So in the dream, my wife and I were watching tv. Then a strange commercial came on. It started with a close up on the face of a beautiful woman in her late twenties or so. The camera panned around to the back of her and she turned around and said “hello boys”. The camera slowly backed away...
  13. PaddedInEastvale

    Did it ever occur to anybody that our secret will no doubt be revealed one day?

    Most of us have to hide our abdl side from the people in our life, taking great measures to keep it hidden. However, I got to thinking today that when we die, either tragically or of old age, family members will rightfully go through our things to clean out our rooms/house/etc. There’s no way...
  14. PaddedInEastvale

    Contemplating wearing to Disneyland tomorrow

    First let me say that it has always been my dream to wear at Disneyland. I also have a new pack of ABU Dinorawrs that I’m dying to try out. As many of you know, my wife is against me wearing, especially around her, but she won’t be going on this trip because her and my oldest son will be at...
  15. PaddedInEastvale

    Why can't I figure out how to send private messages?

    I feel like an idiot, but I can't seem to find where to direct/private message somebody on this site. I know I've done it before, but I'm having a brain fart. I have been trying to find it for about a half hour. Decided to give up and ask on the forum. Please move to a different forum if it...
  16. PaddedInEastvale

    Did your AB side start out with only being DL?

    Hello. I’ve been a DL for as long as I can remember, but have no interest in the AB side. Somebody told me it’s only a matter of time before I start transitioning to AB, but I can’t see that happening. So I want to pose this question to all the ABs out there. Did your AB side come out after...
  17. PaddedInEastvale


    So tomorrow we are moving from Washington state to SoCal. We are driving down so it is an 18 hour drive or so. As some of you may recall. My wife is against diapers and she doesn’t want me wearing around her, but the 18 hour drive is a perfect time to wear. Plus, we will actually be in two...
  18. PaddedInEastvale

    Has anybody here had a spouse leave because of your ABDL side?

    When I first told my wife 3 1/2 years ago about me being a DL, she threatened to leave. We have since worked it out and at least come to an understanding, but I was wondering if anybody here actually had a spouse who upped and left strictly because of the ABDL revealing?
  19. PaddedInEastvale

    Long shot, but is anybody in Spokane, WA this weekend for the basketball state tournament?

    I know this is a long shot, but with literally thousands of people here, I was wondering if any fellow Abdl were here as well. I’m here with my son for the tournament...which they are doing very badly. Haven’t won a game yet. Lol
  20. PaddedInEastvale

    Should I ask my unapproving wife to be padded as a birthday gift?

    So my birthday is 11 days away and there’s no doubt my wife is going to soon ask me what I want for my birthday. I am so tempted to ask her if I can be padded for the day and/or night as my birthday gift. Or maybe even ask her to be padded in bed for me. Any of this would be the best birthday...