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  1. NovaDL

    Potty training but still in a diaper?

    Training pants are a relatively new invention. Before training pants, parents had to balance diaper and underwear time, and get them out of their diapers if they wanted to use the potty.
  2. NovaDL

    Anyone know what's up with Tykables? They seem out out of stock for a lot of stuff.

    Tykables supply always waxes and wanes. I recently got 40 Galactics, no problem. Remember that they only have 3 different actual diapers, just in different patterns. There's the two-tape diapers, the 6000ml diapers, and the 7000ml Camelot diapers. So as long as you can tolerate a different color...
  3. NovaDL


    That's generally a Medium size for most adult diaper brands. If you are in between sizes, it's better to go smaller rather than larger because a tight fit won't leak.
  4. NovaDL

    Could I make myself incontinent?

    It is possible because your brain gets used to leaving your bladder muscles in a relaxed state. At first it will simply be accidents because you weren't paying attention and your brain is used to letting go automatically. Over an extended time, though, this can result in loss of muscle tone and...
  5. NovaDL

    Does alcohol make pooping more messy?

    Generally, no. Being dehydrated will make things firmer, and alcohol is a diuretic but won't have a direct effect. Check the rest of your diet.
  6. NovaDL

    Stair Slide

    Oh that looks fun. Too bad my house doesn't have stairs.
  7. NovaDL

    NUK 5 Silicone Pacifier?

    You won't develop a latex allergy if you're not already allergic. Latex is superior in feel to silicone because it's more flexible and stretches more, and doesn't have sharp mold lines. The texture is also more tactile. That said, the Nuk5 is a bit too small for a typical adult mouth. Most...
  8. NovaDL

    My local ABDL store

    Now if only there was something like that in Phoenix, AZ.
  9. NovaDL

    Adult Baby products that aren’t being made, but should be.

    I want crawler knee pads. I have bony knees and can't crawl comfortably without pads.
  10. NovaDL

    Ever tried to be put back in diapers?

    Around age 5 I asked for them at night for bed wetting. I didn't get them.
  11. NovaDL

    What's it like to be an AB?

    I started off as a DL. Initially found the AB side a bit creepy due largely to the oversharing actions of a few, but slowly adopted more AB aspects. I discovered pacifiers are amazing stress relievers, and that regressing some can help cope with the stress of daily life. I can tell you this: if...
  12. NovaDL

    Are you a Meat-Eater Baby (from a butcher and MSc Environmental Science)

    Humans are omnivores and meant to eat both vegetables and meat in reasonable proportions. Veganism is an unhealthy eating disorder, and this is backed up by science which finds vegans have a 43% higher chance of bone breakage. We still don't know enough about how the body works to perfectly...
  13. NovaDL

    How bad are pacis for your teeth, really?

    The other problem with many pacis is that the guard isn't designed for an adult face. Adults have protruding jaws. Babies do not. Thus a proper adult pacifier will have a butterfly-shaped guard to allow it to sit flat against your mouth. also solves this problem with a properly...
  14. NovaDL

    How bad are pacis for your teeth, really?

    As long as you get a proper adult-sized and shaped teet, not that bad. The Size 7 Long Stem from is an example of the proper teet. The supposed size 6's that are found lots of places are still too small for the average adult mouth.
  15. NovaDL

    Baby clothing/accessories you'd like to see sized up?

    Crawler pads, for those of us with bony knees.
  16. NovaDL

    Is it illegal to dress ab in public?

    The short answer is, it depends on how obvious it is, where you go, and how fetish-aware people are. If you are doing something blatantly obvious, and in a place where children tend to congregate (malls, parks, etc.), and people recognize it as a fetish, you could be arrested and charged with...
  17. NovaDL

    Would you be a diaper model?

    As long as my face wasn't shown, sure.
  18. NovaDL

    On the fence; is this tee shirt okay to wear in public?

    I wouldn't. It's okay for a girl to wear, but people will think you're weird if they see it.
  19. NovaDL

    Pampers bigger in the past

    This is common. Kids' clothing sizes are shrinking across the board because if you make it so the child outgrows it faster, parents have to replace it sooner and spend more money. They're deliberately narrowing the size range it actually fits.
  20. NovaDL

    If age regression really existed...?

    Around 18 months, permanently, and I'd choose to lose my memories. Maybe this time they'd diagnose me with autism as a kid and get me help instead of just drugging me up with Ritalin.