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  1. PaddedInEastvale

    diapr checks

    Damn, am I allowed to say some of these diaper check methods you guys get got me aroused? Unfortunately, if I’m diapered around my wife (which isn’t often) she will then avoid me like the plague. She will never ever touch my diaper for a check or otherwise. It sucks knowing that i will die...
  2. PaddedInEastvale

    Diaper wearing at work

    I have worn to work a few times but always keep it dry until it’s time to go home.
  3. PaddedInEastvale

    Incontincence during sex?

    I actually suggested that exact thing. She said no to the diaper because she hates the thought of my diapers, but was open to bed pads. I will have to pick up a pack. So they sell them at Walmart?
  4. PaddedInEastvale

    Incontincence during sex?

    Thanks for the reply. I should give a little more info. So she has been dealing with stress incontinence basically since having kids 16/13 years ago. It would be a little leakage with a sneeze, cough, laughing, etc. A pad has taken care of that for the most part. But only recently has it...
  5. PaddedInEastvale

    Incontincence during sex?

    My wife recently has been, what she thinks, peeing during sex. More often than not, our bed is left with a pretty big wet spot after sex. This has only been happening for the last 5 or so months now. I asked her if it might be her “excitement” that’s leaking, but she says she can tell it’s not...
  6. PaddedInEastvale

    ABU Store in WA

    I used to live in Washington and it was about a 2 hour drive for me to get to the store, but I made sure to go every now and then. Good place
  7. PaddedInEastvale

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Abena L4 about to board an airplane
  8. PaddedInEastvale

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Great pic! I love those diapers. Easily my favorite right now.
  9. PaddedInEastvale

    Ever used your diaper while flying✈✈✈✈

    I will be flying padded to Texas this Thursday…and again while coming home Friday. I will also be padded the whole time I’m in Texas…except for my interview.
  10. PaddedInEastvale

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Dry 24/7. Just changed into it for bed.
  11. PaddedInEastvale

    New Tykables diaper?

    Are these any different the the little builders they used to have?
  12. PaddedInEastvale

    Pants or no pants

    If I am home by myself, it’s diaper and T-shirt only. Whether awake or in bed. I always keep shorts close by in case of unexpected visitors though. If I’m wearing around my wife (or anybody else), it’s boxer briefs and shorts or pants. To bed, it’s boxer briefs. She has no desire to see my...
  13. PaddedInEastvale


    Welcome to the website. You’ll find that everybody here has a story about their SO’s acceptance level. Some embrace it and participate, others allow them to indulge but want nothing to do with it, while others are disgusted and are freaked out by it. My wife was more like the latter, but had...
  14. PaddedInEastvale

    Jobs that people wear adult Diapers

    I’m not sure if it has been brought up, but. I padded up when I would drive for Uber. Before I did that, I had a lot of close calls where I didn’t think I would make it to a rest room. Can’t really do a restroom stop when a customer is in your car. I decided that being padded would be better...
  15. PaddedInEastvale

    Snippets of overheard conversations...

    About a month ago, I went to a birthday party for a friend I have had since I was born. Our families lived next door to each other, but we moved away when I was 18….I’m 40 now. Anyways, my friend went around re-introducing me to a lot of people I hadn’t seen since before we moved. We came to...
  16. PaddedInEastvale

    Diapers and driving long distances

    When I used to drive for Uber, I would diaper up almost every time. I also did a padded trip to Vegas once which was maybe 3 hours.
  17. PaddedInEastvale

    Male problems

    I was like that when I first started wearing diapers. Even touching the diaper with my hands would lead to an erection. It doesn’t happen like that nearly as much, but I still love wearing though.
  18. PaddedInEastvale

    letting kids wear diapers

    Well my 12 year old (at the time) daughter brought it up a few times of wanting to wear pull-ups because it would be easier than having to find a restroom in public or asking to go in school. I didn’t shame her for feeling this way, but I did ask her if she would be okay with the risk of...
  19. PaddedInEastvale

    Does diapers/Nappies ever decrease your sex drive

    I don’t find diapers decreasing my sex drive at all. In fact, wearing makes my sex drive increase. But once I have either had sex or masturbated, I want nothing to do with diapers for a few days or possibly a week.
  20. PaddedInEastvale

    Do you recall the moment that triggered your DL indulgences, or 'where it all began'? (Not fantasy)

    I honestly don’t have a time where I can say it started. I just always remember having the desire to wear diapers.