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  1. gloncouchejon83

    New to the forums, recently back in diapers

    Welcome to you, Crinklebutt!
  2. gloncouchejon83

    What are your favorite movies?

    All Harry Potter movies are my favorite first..... It certainly will be this choice for a long time,, to yoursefl too maybe? Then all Superman movies with Christopher Reeve are my second choice....
  3. gloncouchejon83

    My boyfriend wears

    Hi you're welcome, and certainly you will find some good answers about every questions you'll ask here !
  4. gloncouchejon83

    Hello everyone !

    Fascinating, thank you very much. I restored my accient motorcycle; what I mean is that I have not lost the use of my legs, only morally it marked me.
  5. gloncouchejon83

    Intro & Thank You

    Avalanche, you are welcome ... Your thread introduicing is well detailed, you will surely want to stay here so long, that this forum can help you.
  6. gloncouchejon83

    Hello everyone !

    It is not easy to describe, but I'll try. I was there a few months ago in a motorcycle accident, which involved a partial incontinence every night ... I as a result of having recourse to wear diapers, but it also happens that I wear the day . I made ​​this choice, and now everything is fine for...