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    Just Ordered!!

    Hi everyone! I just ordered a 40 count pack of ABU Space Diapers. I would like to know everything about them: How they fit? How they feel? Do they leak? Are thick or thin? If you can put more input other than that it would be great!! thanks, Echo
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    friends came for dinner

    So I had some friends over for dinner last night, and as always I was wearing a diaper. And one of my friends saw it under my shirt but she didn't say anything and I know she saw. Should I just tell her or let her ask me about it?
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    Im sure this question has been asked before

    Ive been wondering this for a long time and Im sure its been asked. If you wear diapers for long enough, can you lose feeling? The reason Im asking is, I go to bed with a dry diaper and wake up with a wet one.
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    hi all

    im jd and just wanted to say hi