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    How Easily Can You Go In A Diaper

    when i'm not in a diaper, i can hold for hours. but when i wear, it usually comes out a bit all the time, because i've set my mind to think that its okay
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    Getting diapers in Sweden?

    Thats not true. Norway and Sweden have the same system, where you would get diapers (for incontinence use) on a prescription (its called "blue prescription"). If your incon, you go to the doctor and gets this prescription, and then you get diapers (if you'r over 5 years old and...
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    Respect to those who dare wearing diapers to school. But I wouldn't recomend it (never done it myself). If anyone finds out (like if a friend of you drags your pants down as a joke, etc), theres a good chance that everyone will hear about what you'r wearing. And then you wil be the guy/girl who...
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    I almost assaulted a customer today.

    Gas in the US is actually cheap compared to other countries. We have to pay 2-3 dollars per liter (it variables). Thats about 10 dollars per gallon (i think)
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    I'm not an AB/TB/Infantilist. But one of my fantasies is that i'm very small, and people treats me like a toddler/child even though I don't wont do, and they know how old I really is. Its rather a humiliation-fantasy involving being treated as a baby against my own will, than a AB-fantasy. And...
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    Music sub-forum

    Not every thread. Only those regarding bad, crappy music (basically everything I dont like - like teckno). Feel free to remove every teckno-thread, but dont even think about touching my little reggae-thread.
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    I almost assaulted a customer today.

    If you are kidding and/or being ironic, your doing a bad job showing it. If you are not kidding, I suggest think before writing. Cause that post was one of the dumbest posts I've read on this forum (including betagames' posts). Since you've been driving to work for 11 years, it most likely that...
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    Getting stupid when diapered

    Maybe its just me, but I've had a few times wearing diapers and then, out of nowhere, deciding to do something I regret minutes later. I think it's the rush when I for the first time in months (or years) wear diapers, and I get to excited. "OMFG. I'm wearing diapers. I wanna go outside and let...
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    No idea

    I'm not sure if it works in the USA, but you could say to your local pharmacy that you have wetting problems, and that depends/the other crap don't work. Maybe they can order some other brands for you.
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    The reggae thread

    It's disappointing to see how few *B/DLs listening to reggae. I'm a little shocked, to be honest. Oh, well. I'spose your more into tecno and that shit.
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    The reggae thread

    I almost gave you neg rep for that comment.
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    The reggae thread

    Anyone here listening to reggae? And whats your favourit reggae/ska musician? (besides Bob Marley, of course:))
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    Bad diaper experiences

    Innicent until provel guilty? You should try to let him have the benefits of the doubt (or something like that, not sure how you say that). Maybe he just wrote something wrong, or meant something else?
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    How to avoid your roommates know

    Okay, here's the question. I've finally moved away from home, but live in an apartment with 5 other. I have my own room, but share bathroom with the others. I'm only going to wear at night, or in my room, and maybe put on some music whenever I'm changing. But since it's not smart to use the...
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    Bad diaper experiences

    Or maybe just written wrong. Not everyone lies in their posts.
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    I want my own room!

    Since I've moved to college this year, I can finally start wear diapers a little more often. I share an appartment with 5 others, but atleast I got my own bedroom:) But I sympathize with you, though, and I really think you should say something to your roommate (maybe lie) about your diapers.
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    Droppin' teh hints to my friends

    I couldn't agree more. If someone makes stupid treads, it's retarded to actually post more there. It doesn't help posting 100 " What a stupid tread!lol." It looks more and more like bullying someone who doesn't know when to stop. Wait,I have an idea! Don't you think if...
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    Is infantilism a mental illness?(Please take no Offense)

    It's not like I'm saying AB/TB are crazy/mad/sick or anything like that. But personally (my subjective opinion), I think AB/TBs who truly wants to become babies (not in a sexual roleplay), have that desire because of something. Something happening in the past, issues in the childhood etc. If an...
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    Sleeping with diapers...

    Yes Pojo, that was exactly what I meant..:) I've tried the large tena diapers, but it looks like junior marley points to the side when he sleeps, so I'am eager to try plastic pants. Only problem is that I have to buy it online, and I don't have a Visa (yet)
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    Sleeping with diapers...

    I love the feeling of a big diaper between your legs when you go to sleep. What troubles me is whenever I wet in bed, there is some leaking in the sides. Unless I lay on my back, something is bound to leak out the side of the diaper, so i'm thinking of buying a pair of plastic pants.