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    Getting stupid when diapered

    Maybe its just me, but I've had a few times wearing diapers and then, out of nowhere, deciding to do something I regret minutes later. I think it's the rush when I for the first time in months (or years) wear diapers, and I get to excited. "OMFG. I'm wearing diapers. I wanna go outside and let...
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    The reggae thread

    Anyone here listening to reggae? And whats your favourit reggae/ska musician? (besides Bob Marley, of course:))
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    How to avoid your roommates know

    Okay, here's the question. I've finally moved away from home, but live in an apartment with 5 other. I have my own room, but share bathroom with the others. I'm only going to wear at night, or in my room, and maybe put on some music whenever I'm changing. But since it's not smart to use the...
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    Norway says hello

    Hey. Found these site a couple of years ago, but haven't been a member until today I have been keeping my interest for diaper to myself, so i haven't really talked to anyone about it, especially anyone my age. I have been a diaper lover since I was about 8, but i didn't really understand it...