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    How long will I be like this?

    I noticed it began for me around 10.... subsided for years and re emerged while having kids and being around them all the time. I was able to hold off on the urge until my 3rd child and then again it subsided for 2 years and now 42 yrs old I am wanting to wear again.
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    A while ago i was wearing a super dry kids diaper and had a thin barrier of petroleum jelly on my back side. After sitting at a desk for a couple of hours and granted being wet I received a bad rash on my behind where the barrier was. It took 2 weeks to go away and I was wondering if anyone...
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    hey thanks for the note. If i may ask what is your religion? Living in the springs I know it can be diverse but strong towards christianity. I grew up in a non demonational christian church in near there.
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    my spouse is supportive and she understands the struggles. We are very real with each other and I am supportive of her imperfections as well. We do not role play too much but on occasion we do. Lately tho due to some stresses it is becoming more of a comfort than a sexual desire. I do feel...
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    Thanks... My main hobbies are camping, hiking and everything Colorado. I do not have a huge social media profile and I can be very quiet on line but boisterous in person. My main interest in the community is discovering things from a Christian perspective. In this journey I am trying to see...
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    I have been a dl since I was 13 but I am older now with kids and I hope to use this forum to help me cope and live with the dl lifestyle. Thus far the site has helped me immensely and helped me better understand myself. I look forward to learning more!