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  1. guyinthebox

    Diaper Metaphor

    so i was trying to think of a metaphor that would relate wearing diapers to something else. to help show other people that its not sick or anything, just something we do cause it makes us feel good. like why drinkers drink and smokers smoke, cause it makes them feel good. well most of the...
  2. guyinthebox


    this has been out for a while now, but i didn't see it on here yet. so anyways for the people who know about Resident Evil, the Umbrella Corporation has a commercial for one of it's products, Rejuvenate. Now here is an actual commercial from AVON (a real company), Anew. coincidence? my friend...
  3. guyinthebox

    kill 5 minutes of your life

    guarantied to never see them again. YouTube - Ronald McDonald insanity no refunds. sorry.
  4. guyinthebox


    well i guess i should say hi. Hi. umm... ya, new to the whole AB/DL forum community, forums in general i guess. don't like to type much, but have fun reading. so don't expect to much from me lol. what else do you need to know i guess?