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    How many of you know another ABDL in real life?

    Two close friends, met a bunch more once or twice. Some online friends that I got to meet once or twice. Gone to a few munches to meet some more people, seen a bunch at events. But mostly only a couple people that I'm close to. Hopefully will expand that in the future.
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    your old toys?

    I just have a stuffed manatee that I got later into my childhood. Most the rest was gotten rid of at various stages of life. That being said, I've taken it upon myself to get whole new toys of various types ^.^
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    Formula for adults?

    Soylent is decent, tastes mostly like oat flour that you added water to, mostly since that's most of what it is. Supposedly has everything you need, but I'd be cautious about relying on it 100% for long stretches of a time. Some people do it and haven't had problems, but who knows. But for the...