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  1. Archie

    Question about buying diapers

    I want to order some "Rearz Safari" but websites like Rearz and Bambino use the billing address, and since I live with my parents, I don't want to pay for it that way. Is there a way to buy diapers from bambino or Rearz that's not using the billing address (I know there's other options but these...
  2. Archie

    Told my best friend

    So I have this friend, who is basically my brother from another mother and I have been wanting to tell him for so long now. My parents found out the hard way (damn browser history, the one time I didn't use incognito). But I never actually told someone about it. He knew for a little while that...
  3. Archie

    Two Diaper Dreams

    So i have had two diaper related dreams recently (both with my fantasy diaper: a huggies that is my size) So in my first one I was wearing my fantasy diaper but it was extremely wet and heavy with water (And I loved it :3) and for the entire dream I was just in this room enjoying it and...
  4. Archie

    Well... That's was either close or I'm screwed

    Ok, I was playing a game with my friend who doesn't know about my dl df bf side. An update happened and he was trying to show me a new feature where you can pick up new things. A little note: In some games (usually source engine games) you can have a "spray" where you can place down pictures...
  5. Archie

    My newest fursona :D

    His name is Lou (loo) and he is a charmeleon :) He likes adventure, he loves his diapers, he is nice and brave. He likes video games, he also has a habit of getting his diaper caught on things :3. Another thing is that he loves playing in the water since his tail won't kill him if it goes out...
  6. Archie

    Your very first games

    I played Lego island 2, Lego racers, lego creator Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, and rollar coaster tyccoon. What were your first games?
  7. Archie

    Luck is on my side

    Hoooooooooly crap my closest call ever!!! So I was wearing a large pull up diaper for a looooong car drive (24 hours)(didn't use it)and i (luckily) decided to take it off and go downstairs because we were leaving for dinner. When I came down my mother was chatting with my grandfather and I...
  8. Archie

    I decided I would like to be a diaperfur

    It's not sexual it's just for fun and interest. Name: Archie Species: Husky Age: 15 Info: Archie is a 15 year old Husky dog who is a DL. He also like video games, anime, the beach, movies, tv, climbing trees. He is very friendly and a little shy when it comes to making new friends, he is...
  9. Archie

    How of I know if I'm a baby fur or diaper fur

    I think I might be one or both but I don't know what it means to be a furry or a diaper fur or baby fur can you please tell me what it means to be one and how you know if you are one or not
  10. Archie

    Have you told anyone about your dl side?

    If not, who would you tell if you had to?
  11. Archie

    I need help

    How can I make cleaning up after messing easier or at least quicker?
  12. Archie

    What ab or dl wishes have you made recently

    I wished that potty training was completely gone and everyone wore diapers Another wish i would want granted was that EVERYONE had a diaper fetish and we all knew that we all did.
  13. Archie

    Pillow Diaper

    I wore a pillow like a diaper (I did NOT use it because that would cause problems) and i highly recommend it for the people who long for a SUPER thick diaper. An idea i had was to wear a diaper under it so you can use it (just make sure it doesn't leak)
  14. Archie

    I tried messing recently

    It was late at night and I was wearing nothing but a diaper in bed and I was watching my favorite scene from rugrats (I reenacted it a little too) and I had to go number 2 (My diaper was already wet) I decided to let it out in my diaper to try it out and it was amazing!! I really enjoyed it...
  15. Archie

    Open minded

    does being a diaper lover make you a lot more open minded? like you think things like "I'm weirder then that so whatever." or even "I can top that."
  16. Archie

    Hey there

    Hi! I just joined this site and I am very excited to post and discus with you guys! For too long ive just been reading discussions and I finally realized my foolishness in not joining. I like Anime (Code Geass, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist franchise, Sword art Online), Lord of the...