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    Need Some Suggestions Please!

    I'm currently out on diapers right now and want to buy some more. I am looking to order online. I want a good quality plastic backed diaper that has good absorbency as well as being pretty comfortable as well haha. I am looking for a diaper with tapes and not a pull up. I just want to know...
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    Abena vs. Dry 24/7

    I am going to purchase some diapers soon and was wanting some opinions. I have yet to try the dry 24/7 or the abenas yet. Which ones should I go with?
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    Comfiest Diaper?

    I just want to get some opinions on what you guys all think is the comfiest or softest diaper you have worn.
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    Help!! Need advice/tips asap!!!

    Ok to make a long story short. My mom recently found all my diapers and gave me the talk. She was a little understanding cause she has known about and on and off wearing for a couple of years now. But now she wants me to give it all up and she threw away everything. What should I do or tell her...
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    Girlfriend and Diapers

    Ok so heres the story. I've been dating my current girlfriend (who is 21, I am 20) for 2 years and about 3 months now. Last night we were just relaxing on the couch when she told me about a fantasy that she wants me to and her to do. I couldn't believe it cause she has never told me about this...
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    What is the softest and most comfortable diaper you've worn?

    I just want to hear everyone's opinion on what diaper they think is the most comfortable and the softest.
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    Need Some Advice (Pacifier Novice)

    Hello all I was planning on buying my first pacifier this weekend and I just wanted to get some insight from you. Like what brand should I buy, Where should I get it and how much money is it going to cost. Also I'm going to be purchasing some baby wipes too and I want to know what I should get...
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    Got my first pack of molicares.

    I went out today to find out that one of my local medical supply sotres had the molicares in stock. So I went and purchased them. I had never tried these before but I'm really excited! So what has everyone else experienced with these diapers and review of the molicares.
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    Has anyone ever tired these diapers?

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried these kind of "baby" looking diapers from here.
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    Bought Bambinos and AB Cushies

    I just wanted to share that I just ordered some bambinos and ab cushies for the first and and I am loving them! I'm so happy right now! I've wanted these for so long. So to the people who have tried these diapers what and how was your first experience with these diapers?
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    Home from college

    Ok so I am going to be home from college on my Fall break the next few days and I was thinking about going a day or two being diapered 24/7 cause I miss my diapers haha (I don't have any at college). So I was wondering what it is like being diapered 24/7 if anyone has done that. Like how was it...
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    Medical Supple Store Run

    So today I decided to go get some diapers at a local medical supply store because I was running low and needed to restock. Anyways I get to the shop and I've been there before but the women running it didn't recognize me. I called earlier to see what brands they had in stock (They had the...
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    Ordering online with an american express pre-paid card

    Ok so I received a pre-paid American Express gift card for $50. I've been wanting to order some bambinos for a while now and I think now is the chance. I just have a few questions. Will there be any trace of what I order on these cards? Like is there anyway someone can look into what I've bought...
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    Bambino ordering billing information

    quick question, when ordering bambinos through a credit card what will show up in the email and billing confermation when i order them? what will show up?
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    Some questions after just ordering off bambinos

    ok so i just sent in a money order to bambinos and i said not to contact me to me house i told them to send it to a local ups store so they can hold it for when I pick it up. i was just wondering if any like billing or information will show up in my mailbox or anything like that cause i dont...
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    any suggestions on a baby diaper

    ok i have a 28 waist and 30 hip. im looking for a pamper or huggies what is my best option?
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    Will i get caught ordering online if i use a debit card?

    Will i get caught by my parents ordering online if i use a debit card? im new to the debit card thing and i dont want to sign up for anything. i want to ensure my privacy first. please help.
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    Where to get Abena diapers?

    where do i go to get abena diapers? online or are they in a store some where? please respond thanks.
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    Just was soaking wet

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    has anyone tried these kind of pull ups. if so are they worth buying and where should i go to get them?