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    Who is diapered every night?

    Every night for the past 15 years. I haven't had a dry night yet. Although I'm cant say I'm trying to hard to have one 😁
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    What are some of the best Pull Ups you have ever wore?

    Definitely the gosupreme fro. Northshore. Although I was just wearing on and it leaked on me. But still the best ones I have found so far.
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    Diapers are no longer sexual.

    You guys made me question how many of us guys don't actually like getting a boner. I find them uncomfortable and irritating. Is it an abdl thing m
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    Diaper Samples

    Free diapershipping and liners at Not the best quality diapers but make for good staffers. And they're...
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    What baby wipes do you use?

    We've been buying the big pack from Sam's club. Even though we buy these for the kids, each box has a new wipes container. We have one in each bedroom, bathroom, and one in the living room.
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    I agree with all that was said here! All I would add is that I would use conditioner instead of soap/shaving cream when you are super hairy. Then maintenance is key, you need to keep shaving otherwise you get super itchy!
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    Made My Own Contoured Changing Pad!

    This is pretty sweet! Its amazing the stuff people create to fuel their inner little.
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    any AB'S here that have kids?

    kids didnt change my abdl time a whole lot to be honest. then again my kids are still young. if any thing it helped my situation out. need wipes, no problem. need a drink, there are like 10 bottles just grab one. also I like to snatch my daughters binkie and make her work to get it back from me...
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    Little Keeper Sleeper

    you could also buy an iron on patch from any fabric store. that way you can customize what is on your patch
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    Little Keeper Sleeper

    I dont really care to talk about my wieght but I can see it needs to be discussed to find the right size. Im 5'7" and i weigh 185 lbs. that puts me at a size 16 for height and an 18 for weight. if the sizes are like the target onsies i know i wont fit. but these seem a bit bigger.
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    Little Keeper Sleeper

    I really want a pair of these jammies. But Im not sure what to order. Im the height of the 16 but the weight of the 18. any suggestions on which I should order?
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    any AB'S here that have kids?

    I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 6 month old child. Lucky for me they are to young to care what dad is wearing. However, I'm trying to be more discrete around my 2 1/2 yr old. My wife knows about me being an abdl, and we have agreed to keep it discrete from our children.
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    I have a routine

    My wife and her family thrive on schedules. I've been trying so hard to break the habit, because it can be very disruptive at times. Especially social gatherings. Last year we went on a family camp out... Every minute of the day was scheduled, including which adult had to entertain the kids...
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    Difference in Age

    if you feel its to cliche, throw a twist on it. I like the idea, even though it might not be medically accurate and a little far fetched. But the possibilities of the story at this point are endless. you only have a few characters at this point, don't be afraid to go outside of the norm!
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    If someone entered your bedroom right this second...

    This is a fun topic! If some one entered my room right now, they'd first see a crib, diapers, wipes, and night light. But those are all for my newborn daughter. As you move further into the room you'd see a queen bed, night stand, and dresser. Pretty typical room. I don't think anyone would...
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    Formula for adults?

    The serve drinks as nutritional supplements to the elderly who don't eat much. Check out Ensure, also Walmart has an off brand. Closest thing I can think of and they are pretty good.
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    Good Sites to Meet Others

    ive just discovered craigs list personal ads. but you must be of age for that. also bewear of scamers and creeps. fet life has been pretty good for me as well
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    Breastfeeding yay or nay?

    My wife let me try several times while she was breast feeding our son. I loved it, all except for the first week of colostrum. that stuff is nasty. My wife still lets me suckle while we are making love. the nipple play turns her on, although she is all dried up now, its still satisfying.
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    I'm Required to Mess! Doctor's Orders.

    I work at a hospital as a CNA. This test is supposed to be a "clean catch" meaning it should be caught in a clean container and with out being contaminated by urine. We have buckets that sit in the back of the toilet seat so our patients can poop normally. but if there is pee in the container we...
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    Is it weird that I refuse to be medicated?

    I don't think this is crazy at all. Personally, working in a hospital, i don't think enough people stand up to doctors at all. most people who are addicted to medications are because their doctors are the ones who recommended and proscribed them. I have met very few doctors that prefer natural...