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    Diaper Samples

    Free diapershipping and liners at Not the best quality diapers but make for good staffers. And they're...
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    my wife wants me to see a doctor

    My wife and I have been married for about 2 and a half years now, and I've worn diapers to bed every night we've known eachother. A few days ago I asked her to pick me up a pack from the store because I've been running low and failed to put in an order online. Today I officially ran out and my...
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    fun diaper project

    Fun project! This last weekend I baught some fabric markers, I thought it would be fun to make my cloth diapers a little more bright and fun. So I cut out a few stencils and went to town. Here are my results What are other fun ways to bedazzle your diapies? Has anyone tried something similar?
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    Diaperspace is up agian

    Diaperspace is finally up and running again, but for how long. Will anyone be using the old website? or are there better websites to uses for getting to know other AB/DL's?
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    Freud's stages of life

    According to Sigmund Freud we go through different stages in life. In each stage of life we learn by different experiences. as we go through each stage we have the potential of getting "stuck" due to either to much attention or not enough attention. The first stage he describes is that we go...
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    Around those you love...

    Before i got married, I told my wife about my bed wetting and of all the things i do so that i can sleep soundly and not mess up my cloths or my bed. I love her so much and she has been a big support. However I feel really uncomfortable having her see me change into and be in a diaper. I some...
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    My name is Nico, and obviously i wear diapers. I like to play games a lot! games like hide and seek, link tag, red rover, ect. I also like to swim, if i could be any animal id probably be a fish so that i never had to get out of a pool! my user name comes from my new favorite TV show, My Little...