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    Diapers = sleep Better ?

    I don´t wear to bed that often but when I do usually wake up early. I always thought that was because I was exited of wearing lol
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    What and Where in Paris?

    I would try at a drugstore. the big ones usually have some, not sure if they have Absorin though... Good luck Pharmacie Paris - Paris - 75
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    YOUR Stash!

    have ten tena slip maxi left hidden under my bed. great diapers but I want to get som abenas next time.
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    The old "hand in warm water" trick...

    I´ve tried it a couple of times, never worked though...
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    Taylor Swift/Kanye West incident at the MTV VMAs

    No love between Kanye & Obama lol
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    Top of the morning to ya

    Should probably have written here sooner but anyways I´m 23, student and liked diapers and stuff for as long as I can rembember. It doesn´t bother me really though it´s not something I bring up with friends and I doubt I´ll ever meet anyone else who share this unusual interest. Just moved to my...