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  1. egor

    solarpower mile stone.

    I would have done it without the tax breaks and incentives. My property values have gone up because of them and I also like to think that I am doing something about the environment instead of talking about it. So to answer your question more precisely, probably the twelve years of the loan...
  2. egor

    Oldest member to post an introduction?

    Hello Buffalo and welcome to the group.
  3. egor

    Hey everyone!

    Hello windeljunge and welcome to the group. Very nice introduction. Egor
  4. egor

    Hi from St Catherine's Canada...

    Hello Icebabybb and welcome to the group. So that we can get to know you better, would you please tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests? again welcome to the group. Egor
  5. egor

    hi! I have real true stories of being diapered.

    Hello 420diapers and welcome to the group. Nice introduction. Egor
  6. egor

    Self diapering

    I use cloth and do it laying down.
  7. egor

    Weighted Blankies

    My daughter got an 8lb and my son a 10lb blanket for Christmas. I tried them and liked it. My wife bought a 20lb and paid the price listed above. I really liked it when I could use it. I found a 20lb on line back in march for $59 on amazon. I got it because I was having a depression spell. I get...
  8. egor

    What you consider is a good weight for a 26 year old girl ?

    The title caught my attention as I was scrolling the main index. The best suggestion that I would give is google "ideal Weight" charts and go from there. Egor
  9. egor

    Hey to all my fellow diaper wearers

    Hello Scottishboy, and welcome to the group.
  10. egor

    Anti-depressants becoming Ineffective

    I can totally relate to your issues. First suggestion is talk to the prescribing professional to see if in deed you need a med adjustment or a change. Second. I go through the exact same thing. The meds keep things "in balance" but not totally out of depression. There are other things that...
  11. egor

    World Coins

    I should stay off of E-bay. I just bought 6 oz of silver coins for $12.50 oz. (spot silver this morning was $14.78 and oz) I just could not pass that up.
  12. egor

    solarpower mile stone.

    On December 5, 2014 my solar panels went officially on line. So time this week I crossed the line of producing one year (based on a 5 year average) of my own power. The initial investment was $25,000.00 and I have recouped $19,158.15 from tax credits and incentive programs. I have 16 panels...
  13. egor

    Kal Medical new diaper store in Utah

    One of there representatives is a member here.
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    Hey hey !!✨

    Hello TeaDumpling and welcome to the group. Nice introduction. Egor
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    With warm salutations

    Hello Lilylikesfries and welcome to the group. Nice introduction. Egor
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    Hello there! :3

    Hello Gishy and welcome to the group. Nice introduction. Egor
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    Hello MarshyDrago and welcome to the group. Nice introduction Egor
  18. egor

    Hi everyone I New here (or something like that) pleased to meet you.

    Hello diapDev and welcome to the group. Nice introduction. egor
  19. egor

    Foodie Group reloaded.

    So its three days later and the turkey carcus is just screaming Pho for dinner.
  20. egor

    Hi! Im not really a prince but still cool, hopefully.

    Hello DiaperPrince3 and welcome to the group. Nice introduction. Egor