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  1. EPO1

    Feedback Requested CLOSED Thread?! really?

    Hi everyone... there is this thread: There was a bit of a discussion going on - and now the thread is closed. No mentioning for any reasons, no out of line comments as far as I can tell... And certainly I think...
  2. EPO1

    Catheter Removal - Pain ... why... question...

    Well this evening I had my yearly (ok, more like every two ;) ) appointment with my Urologist. Mostly because I had a bit more severe IC symptoms once again and wanted to make sure everything is ok... Doesn't look bad so far, albeit of course have not gotten all the results. Well amongst a...
  3. EPO1

    Suggestion Suggestion / Idea: Stories

    Hey fellow ADISCers... There is something that crossed my mind when I looked at the stories section: I RARELY venture there to be honest, very rarely. Why? it's mixed bag of reasons - and not, it's not that I don't like stories in general. But there's a lot of kind of stories, espeically...
  4. EPO1

    Technical Question Notification -> Reputation??

    It's a bit weird: once in a while when I log in, I get a Notification about a reputation, but when I click on it, there is not a single NEW reputation there...? bug?
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    POLL Favorite diaper

    Vote for your favorite diaper
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    Second Cloth question: Making your own - material choices

    along with my other post (Asking for good available cloth diapers) comes this question: I have access to industrial grade sewing equipment - and know how to operate it (I can make a shirt and pair of trousers if I want to ;) )... So I'm NOT looking for Patterns or Design-References... But...
  7. EPO1

    For Incon & Bedwet: Which cloth-diaper?

    Triggered by my recent post in the incon-forum about the rather massive cost of my diapers as my insurance only covers a partial amount I'm looking for options... Cloth was mentioned. I'm moderately day-time Incon. (I dribble - like mostly / can't control this - and can have "accidents" when...
  8. EPO1

    Cost of your diapers / Pads / pull ups... Products and your Insurance.

    Well the thing is this... triggered by the post about those stupifyingly expensive printed VBA diapers it got me thinking again about the money-cost of my incontinence & bedwetting... I'd really be interested to see how's that with you... for myself I'm a bedwetter (5-7 nights a week)... and...
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    hey folks

    hey folks I'm not a big writer .... but alas the forum wants an intro, so here be it: I've been a bedwetter as a kid and it came back with a vengeance when I was in my early twenties... I had discovered my "duality"-like feeling towards the necessary diapers during my teens - duality? aye -...