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  1. Acecool

    I've been keeping extremely busy, how about yourself? :-P

    I've been keeping extremely busy, how about yourself? :-P
  2. Acecool

    Congrats on winning the case of Wellness Briefs!

    Congrats on winning the case of Wellness Briefs!
  3. Acecool

    ADISC v4.0 Upgrade Questions

    Bleh... It looks ok but... I left DailyDi because of their changes to the latest phpBB (which I really dislike as of V3) - but I could get used to it I guess...
  4. Acecool

    How Many Passwords Do You Use?

    A different one for every site I visit, and I use a temp password to sign up in case the email bounces.
  5. Acecool

    What's the best thing you've ever won?

    Ive been winning Free iphones, laptops and other gadgets on the web for YEARS.. until I installed adblock plus on firefox.. oh yeah, I never received any of those things though :-( lol
  6. Acecool


    What size are you? Ill send you 2 free samples of the Wellness Briefs. Capacity is around 87 US fluid ounces = 2.57289707 liter...
  7. Acecool

    Ordering online without a creditcard?

    I take Paypal, Cheque, Postal money order (buy them with cash at post office) :-)
  8. Acecool

    Free copies of Crayon Physics

    Thanks, I grabbed 13 :-) ---------- Post added at 04:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:47 AM ---------- And here is a replacement copy :-P Your Secret Key is: 651125Yf866562e9bce5f509948dc92dd1c65cc SECRET DOWNLOAD LINK: Downloading Crayon Physics Deluxe
  9. Acecool

    Burger King's new commercial

    Wow, I did not know that... it would be nice if they ever got my order right though... I always order no pickles, no tomatoes and they always forget to take one or the other off...
  10. Acecool

    Burger King's new commercial

    McDonalds has the double cheeseburger :-P
  11. Acecool

    ever bought a game at walmart?

    I returned a massively multiplayer online game once, about 15 days after buying it.. I tried the game, and it really sucked. So, I took it back, and told them that I read the games TOS or EULA, and that it said if you do not agree with it, you must bring it back.. They refunded my money...
  12. Acecool

    My weekend just got ruined!

    Instead of opening up about diapers or whatever.. just open up about how you dont like parents snooping (if they do).. They might spring a question like (what are you trying to hide).. Dont say "nothing".. Tell them its a moral issue and that you respect others peoples privacy and would like the...
  13. Acecool

    My Abena X-plus are splitting open!

    Ive had the same happen to abenas a while back.. havent used them since.
  14. Acecool

    ordering diapers without cell phone?

    My site shouldnt require a phone number, if it does just put in all 5's :-)
  15. Acecool

    Hey cars peoples I need help!!!!

    Well, this can happen.. just like the above poster posted a pick of it going sideways.. With this tire leaning into a curve it will actually go that direction.. Or if it turns, it will go that direction too... I recently had an issue with a broken suspension part in my vehicle.. the rear right...
  16. Acecool

    Hey cars peoples I need help!!!!

    Ball joint probably.. if it comes out while driving your tire will go whichever direction it wants to, possibly hurling you into oncoming traffic.. Get it checked ASAP!!! To double check if it is this, this would be one symptom... Which the key turned to on, but the car not started: turn the...
  17. Acecool

    Privately Owned Movie Theaters Instead of National Chain Theaters

    My family used to own one in Canada.. We charged about $4.50 for students / seniors and $6 regular.. It was also shown in a Bette Midler film, & teenage werewolf tv series or whatever it was called...
  18. Acecool

    Computer Specs? :P

    Asus P5K Q6600 quad 2.4 @ 3.0 ghz 4gb 2.5tb total space (2x 1tb seagate 7200, 32, 1x 300, 1x 250), not including spare hds which would add another 2tb Lightscribe DVDRW 8800GT OC
  19. Acecool

    I love my 1998 Honda CR-V but WTF?!???

    An easy way to test HG... Take radiator cap off, start car with cap off, rev engine. If water shoots out of radiator like old faithful, you have a blown HG. If it just circulates normally, then it is fine. Put cap on the radiator with car RUNNING!!!! If you ever start to overheat and need...
  20. Acecool

    I love my 1998 Honda CR-V but WTF?!???

    Another thing to check.. Squeeze the hoses, if they feel stiff or soft, and you can feel it cracking when you squeeze. Replace them :-)