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    Dresses, freedom from the tyranny of bifurcation

    So lets face it, dresses rock. Most of you girls know it, and a lot of you guys secretly admit it. There has been a lot of talk of onsies and footy PJ's but us slightly older kids are running around full bore, and some of us want a little flounce off our bottoms and the freedom of a full skirt...
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    Insomniacs Unite: What is the 4am Crowd Up to

    Lately I have been staying up late, a lot. Probably more than I should to be honest. I found out in February that I was getting laid off this week, and since then I have been like a rabbit in the headlights! Getting fired out of no where sucks, but man does knowing your last day of work a month...
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    Teddybears: Why are they so awesome

    I love teddybears. In actuality I would say the order of things I love when it comes to kid stuff is Teddybears Cute Dresses/skirts ruffles under stuff Diapers While I like and enjoy other stuffed toys I have always been addicted to pudgy fluffy teddybears. My favorite cartoons always involved...