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    What do people have against shrinks?

    You are most likely thinking of the psychiatry industry, and it is less the industry itself and more the pharmaceutics industry. The argument is the Psychiatric industry over medicates, but a lot of this is thanks to how we regulate the pharma industry here. Despite their overlap psychiatrists...
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    Abena vs Bambino vs ABU

    Yep, I used to see pics of people with massive amounts of diapers and think "that is nuts, who does that"... and now 80% of my closet is diapers. Buying cases is just so much cheaper, and there are a variety of different situations you might want to cover that it is easy to end up with a ton of...
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    Abena vs Bambino vs ABU

    I wouldn't say there is a best out of those three diapers. The abenas are kind of ugly IMO but they are functionally great diapers. Really comfy, bulky, and last I saw the plastic backed ones could be had on sale for an amazing price. Totally worth it. If they were plain white they might even...
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    Fit questions - for biological girls

    Huge hips, and it is a pain. I am basically a medium diaper waste with a large diaper hip, so I always have a hard time with sizing and fastening. For example medium Cushies on me, being single tape, tend to be a bit of a stretch. They fit, but just barely. I bought larges after trying the...
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    ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like Cover

    The absorbency could be better, but it is a really cute and well made diaper. I liked the sample and bought a 40 count right off. I Prefer the Bellisimo as a diaper, but they are also way more expensive and not really comparable design wise. If I could combine the two somehow, have the all over...
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    NUK Medic Pro L: Discontinued?

    Silicone is easier to clean, more durable, and tasteless. That said it has a different feel and I am sure some people enjoy the taste. The biggest one really is the durability and cleaning aspect.
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    NUK Medic Pro L: Discontinued?

    If this is true my guess would be that the silicon nipples were enough of a success that they looked into a larger manufacturing run of them, and found if they stopped NUK5 sales they could get the prices down to a reasonable level for the silicon assuming people would cross over. The issue with...
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    Trouble with bambinos?

    The new bambinos are smaller. They killed off the small sizing, and now the mediums and large cover that same range. If you used to be a medium, but it was a tight fit you are a large now.
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    Subtle ways to make a room more "babyish"?

    Yah as mentioned, stuffed animals, kids bedding, baby toys etc. I think a cute rug helps a lot to. I like plain shag rugs because they are comfy to sit and play on, but nursery rugs are great in general. I have a kidult room; it can easily be made up to be a big kid room but seldom is. Kids...
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    Are Plastic Disposables Diapers Doomed?

    Bambinos, and my guess is this would apply to the others, are just a modification to an existing product. They exist because a company with the machinery decides to do a small switch out and run batches of ABDL diapers. The thing is they are not going to keep around the machinery to make plastic...
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    Teens and Wal-mart

    Yah, I feel bad for it but I feel the same way.
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    Modelling with Maya

    Both are confusing. Most professional level anything will be confusing, due to a massive feature set, app specific terminology etc. There are a lot of proponents for both, and at this point they are owned by the same company. It seems a lot of animators/sfx folks stick to maya, and game devs...
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    Does anyone find this character offensive?

    I think it is a bit silly in the sense that I think the word Derpy isn't a synonym for retarded. Not to say noone might use it as such, but I never thought that was the meaning. I think the fan response is even sillier because a bunch of grown ass people are freaking out about a kids show...
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    Guys and skinny jeans

    While super skinny jeans are a trend slim Jeans hardly are. Really, the 90's trend of ridiculous fatpants was far more of a crash and burn trend than skinny jeans. If you look at mens fashion over the century it was always mostly slim with the edgy kids wearing skinny tapered or skinny straight...
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    Tights, Leggings & Socks

    Both, but I wear over the knee thick socks a lot which are practically leggings themselves.
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    Adult-sized Baby Bottles

    If you want a 16 or a 20 Kleen Kanteen sells baby bottles that have an adapter for advent nipples etc that work on all of their various steel bottles. The one I made is 32oz when full up and to be honest even if it isn't the traditional bottle shape it looks enough like a modern bottle, and it...
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    Adult-sized Baby Bottles

    I am 99% sure these are just large Nalgene style water bottles with the cap cut out to allow for a baby bottle nipple. I made one with just a regular cheap 8 dollar water bottle you can pick up from walgreens, a 1 1/2 inch hole saw, and a dremel (not required, but nice for shaving and smoothing...
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    Your own nursery

    This really, really depends on where you live. The national average for home sizes is tremendously bloated by extremely large homes and semi faulty statistics (many use list size which often inflates footage on unfinished, barely usable space or only include new homes, not total housing stock)...
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    Adult Silicone Pacifiers will be available soon!

    I am excited. I like my nuk5 but I love silicon nipples.
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    The best thing when some one is taking care of you?

    Diaper checks. I don't know why but I just love diaper checks. I love cuddling and watching a movie then bam, diaper check. It's just one of those little things that perks up my day. That and diaper pats.