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  1. ArchtopK

    website running slow today 5/4/21

    website running slow today 5/4/21 am I the only one experiencing slow page loading?
  2. ArchtopK

    Abena L4's back to full hourglass shape

    I reported earlier in the year that the plastic backed Abena L4's had lost the full hourglass shape in the front. I just bought another case, and lo and behold, the full hourglass shape is back. Hope this is the way it will stay.
  3. ArchtopK

    Pampers Inventor Passes On.

    This was actually 3 years ago.
  4. ArchtopK

    Blue All Plastic Molicare's gone?

    So, it looks like the last version (blue) of the all plastic Molicare diapers are all gone. Can anyone confirm that?
  5. ArchtopK

    new images with mouseover statistics

    What are these new images I see with mouseover statistics? when you mouseover them it shows number of views. Not all images do this, so how do you get this style to show up?
  6. ArchtopK

    screenshot overloading browser

    In this post #16, there is a screen shot that seems to be overloading my browser and it won't let anything else follow. same thing is happening in post #24 on page 2 which is the last post I can see even though notifications says there...
  7. ArchtopK

    Have you ever tried this?

    Have you ever tried tucking your undershirt inside your diaper? I tried this the other day and rather like it. You get the feeling of cloth against your skin. A little extra padding around the sides, and with a white T shirt, it helps to make the translucent white plastic look more solid. I like it.
  8. ArchtopK

    Alert Bell

    Just recently, when you click the alert bell, a drop down opens to reveal all alerts for like the last week. It used to only show just the most current. Is there a way to clear that listing? Thanks
  9. ArchtopK

    Northshore Drops Abena

    No more Abena at Northshore. That's a shame. LLmedico has 500+ L4's still in stock.
  10. ArchtopK

    Electro Stimulaton Patent, Interesting..... Interesting patent for electro stimulation of urination.
  11. ArchtopK

    In diapers with second chance tapes, why is the first one Blue in color?

    I think the simplest thing Diaper Mfg's could do to change the look of today's diapers is to make both tapes white. Why has no one tried doing that? Or maybe someone has that I don't know about.
  12. ArchtopK

    Katy Perry Fondly Remembers the Scent of Fresh Diapers

    Something called Mad Potion. Anyone up for trying it?
  13. ArchtopK

    Abena Abri-Form Classic Tab-Style Briefs Level 4 - Holes in shell?

    I always manage to get a few diapers that have small pinhole leaks, always in the front. Anyone else getting this?
  14. ArchtopK

    high fashion goth onsies hopefully that link works.
  15. ArchtopK

    Calling all Chemists...

    could this be the elusive pampers scent? A malodor counteracting fragrance composition used in the following examples is as follows: Perfume Composition Component ( %Wt.) Alpha Pinene 5.0 fresh camphor sweet pine earthy woody Cedarwood Terpenes 20.0 woody cedar aromatic sandalwood floral...
  16. ArchtopK

    baby genuises

    if you have Comcast on demand and Encore channel, the original Baby Geniuses 1999 movie is available. I like this movie, but it doesn't show up free all that often.
  17. ArchtopK

    time travel movie

    Just saw this movie. has a great twist at the end. Promise of Time Travel. It's on tubi and amazon prime video
  18. ArchtopK

    Hacked Accounts

    Recently I received an email from a hacker claiming to have installed a virus in my computer. The main issue here is that they did have a valid email and a valid password. I am not worried about a virus. but clearly one of the accounts I visit has been hacked and data has been stolen...
  19. ArchtopK

    Abena Tapes

    Anyone else seeing issues with the right side tapes on Abena L4's? For the least the last two bags I've gone through, the machine must have been misaligned for the right side tapes. they are not on the plastic, just the non-woven sheet and so they don't hold. had to reinforce the right side...
  20. ArchtopK

    Places to buy BetterDry Diapers

    Well, still no US suppliers of BetterDry. If you buy from Saveexpress in Germany, a case of large delivered is $144.00 Not bad really. A case of Crinklz Large, still available from USA, is $150. And the Canadian suppliers of BetterDry are $150 before shipping costs are added. So, I suppose it is...