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  1. Llayden

    North Shore Supremes softer???

    Interesting. I know that they made those changes to the newest MegaMax. The Tye Dye and Black are MUCH softer and far less compressed than other MegaMax colors. There are also physical differences such as easier to re-use tapes and taller leak guards. I wouldn't be too surprised to hear they...
  2. Llayden

    2 tape diapers

    They haven't sold Lavenders in the US for close on 3 years. Nothing to do with COVID.
  3. Llayden

    Shaving pubic hair

    Everything below the waist gets waxed.
  4. Llayden


    Side sleeping will GREATLY reduce any given diapers capacity. It is the worst position to wet a disposable. Some of the "Super Diapers" out there with 5000+ ml capacity can't even hold a single wetting of 200-400ml in that position. Most can only contain one.
  5. Llayden

    I Found the 2017-2019 Vintage Girls Goodnites L on eBay

    Something made 2-4 years ago "vintage"?
  6. Llayden

    What foods make pee darker?

    B-2 is in many products. If you can't find it on the shelf, you will find it in "Super B-Complex" vitamins. It's a blend of all the B vitamins and has B-2 in 100 mg doses. Taking one of them a day will make your urine SHOCKINGLY yellow.
  7. Llayden

    What foods make pee darker?

    If you're looking for the yellow, take vitamin B-2 (100 mg). It's Riboflavin. It will ensure that you have very yellow urine regardless of being well hydrated. It will be shockingly yellow.
  8. Llayden

    What are those pills ??

    Chlorophyll. Also helps to fight the adverse affects of Palladium poisoning.
  9. Llayden

    What do you do for a living?

    Mechanical Engineer
  10. Llayden

    Targeted Ad

    I was pursuing my FaceSpace stuff when this targeted ad appeared. Can anyone spot what's wrong with it? Don't go there, by the way. I'm fairly certain it's spam/scam crap.
  11. Llayden

    Shaving for guys?

    I avoid it all together and just get waxed.
  12. Llayden

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Riley Kilo did a video review on the MeTubes. The XL's might actually be a bit too big on her. That might be a better reflection of a fit on your body type?
  13. Llayden

    Need help identifying diaper!

    .....................So, I'm probably wrong here, but I'm guessing that they're Attends.
  14. Llayden

    Megamax Shortage?

    I just ran through all the color options in medium (packs and cases) and they all allowed me to "add to cart". Maybe you forgot to specify a size or quantity option? I hope they haven't run out!
  15. Llayden

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    They've had an XL size for quite awhile now (can't remember when). If memory serves, they are miniaturized "granny panty" style. Very similar to existing adult products just made smaller. I don't seem to remember too many glowing reviews for the product, nor do I recall it being very large...
  16. Llayden

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    The Tru-Fit line was discontinued a couple of years ago. If it's listed, it's most likely a mistake.
  17. Llayden

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    The product is already in boxes, they don't want to take the time (and necessary expense) of repackaging something. They produce it, and they pay for the packaging they've designed. They aren't going to pay more to re-package the product.
  18. Llayden

    How to hide baby powder smell or substitutes

    Isn't talc powder a controlled substance now? I thought all manufacturers had to stop producing talc powder? Which is too bad, nothing else I've used lately has been as good as the original J&J's.
  19. Llayden

    How to hide baby powder smell or substitutes

    Cornstarch works and is the original and classic "baby powder". However I wouldn't worry about the smell. If anyone ever asks it's for your shoes/feet. It's exceptionally common, at least in the military, for people to powder their footwear. In fact, I highly recommend it to keep things...
  20. Llayden

    Would you like to be spotted by fellow abdl?

    The safety pin was a symbol for ABDL that was worn for precisely that reason. It came about in conversations just like this one over a decade ago. It coincided with the first appearance of the ABDL flag. It never really gained traction and died out completely when the pin was adopted as...