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  1. Llayden

    Targeted Ad

    I was pursuing my FaceSpace stuff when this targeted ad appeared. Can anyone spot what's wrong with it? Don't go there, by the way. I'm fairly certain it's spam/scam crap.
  2. Llayden

    Work Outs - Get in "shape"

    I was wondering if anyone has any good, at home, workouts? I would love to slim down a bit. I would love to slim down into a more feminine shape, if that's even possible. I am most interested into workout routines I can do at home. Any help, hints, tips, links to videos or otherwise would be...
  3. Llayden

    NorthShore Blue MegaMax

    I just received my order of the new blue MegaMax. I couldn't be happier. MegaMax has redefined my daily wear and what my idea of discretion is. These new blue ones are another step above. I feel that MegaMax are thin (when dry), and quiet enough for daily wear. Their absorbency means that I...
  4. Llayden

    NorthShore Supreme Lites Purple...not purple

    I was curious if anyone else thought this as well? I've been confused by them being labeled as "purple" from their first reveal, they've always looked pink to me. Even seeing them in person I can't stop seeing them as pink. I know that colorblindness runs a spectrum, but I've also been tested...
  5. Llayden

    ADISC Community Pet Peeves

    I was perusing the boards today and encountered several things that don't really sit well with me. I am NOT saying in any way that they are "wrong", of course, but they're little things that just kinda bug me. I'm not too sure why some things do, and I have a better idea for some others. But...
  6. Llayden

    "New" NorthShore Product

    My own life changed drastically with the introduction of NorthShore's products, especially the MegaMax. It is product that is both thin and roomy, exceptionally thirsty and leak resistant. My daily routine has become much simpler and more reliable. I've finally run through the stock of...
  7. Llayden

    Side Mirrors: Why yours are aimed WRONG

    Haha! Ok, so this is just my opinion and I'm not actually telling anyone that their mirrors are actually "wrong". I do think that most people have their side view mirrors adjusted the same way, and I do think they're ridiculously mis-aimed. I'm willing to bet that almost everyone that drives...
  8. Llayden

    New Incontinence Products by Amazon

    I was on Amazon and noticed up at the top bar there was a little banner that said "Confident and discreet bladder protection. New by Amazon." This new product is called "Solimo". As of right now I see some pads, underwear for women, underwear for men, and a unisex pull-up labelled "overnight...
  9. Llayden

    Can anyone help with Diff EQ?

    "If in the exponential model for population growth, dy/dt=ry, the constant growth rate r is replaced by a growth rate r(1-y/k) that decreases linearly as the size of the population increases, we obtain the logistic model for population growth, dy/dt = ry (1 - (y/k)), in which K is referred to...
  10. Llayden

    Craigslist Finds

    I just bought 8 packs of Abena M2's on Craigslist for $80.00. That's 192 diapers, for $0.42 per diaper, that has a reported absorbency level around 3100ml. Excellent for more discreet wear but still very useable and comfortable. Being an Abena, it's not the most durable thing and may have...
  11. Llayden

    Diaper Sizes and Waistlines

    Over the years I have seen many threads by people wondering what they can fit into and a few posts of people wearing children's products. The upcoming re-introduction of a "Small" size by ABU has me wondering what kind of waistlines (measured not pants size) we have as a community. I thought I...
  12. Llayden

    ABU Field Trip

    I moved to Oregon a few months ago but am back in Washington for a bit for the holidays. I had heard that ABU was in Washington before but had never really given them much thought as I am not a user of AB products. Lately I have heard the ABU Simple mentioned as an extremely competent, all...
  13. Llayden


    I am running low on supplies and am waiting for my usual shipment to restock. I had to resort to finding local diapers, the best of which is Depends. With the frequency and amount of my voids, they only last for an hour or so which has made things difficult especially at school. So I Googled...
  14. Llayden

    Stung in the end... (Bowel Issues)

    Hey guys. Just a warning to those who don't want to read on, this involves bm's and their collateral damage. So, lately I've been taking a new medication that has the unfortunate side effect of loose, oily, stools. I've been doing well until very recently where things have become REALLY loose...
  15. Llayden

    What do you game on?

    What do you play most of your games on?
  16. Llayden

    Where are we in the world?

    I was curious where we are all located in the world, but by region. Where are you from or where do you reside? - - - Updated - - - North America, Washington state.
  17. Llayden

    Favorite Diaper Modifications

    I have a couple of “go to” modifications that I use for certain diapers, diaper combinations, and for differing reasons. I am curious to see what else everybody likes to do to either improve their padding’s performance or enhance their wearing experience. Depend + Goodnites TRU-FIT insert...
  18. Llayden

    World of Tanks

    Anyone playing WOT? I really enjoy it on Xbox and would love to play with others. None of my friends play it though. If you do play, do you have a favorite tank, load out, tank class, or map? I really like heavies and TD's. I think my favorite is the Sherman Jumbo though, dunno why. I just...
  19. Llayden

    You can have it your way, which would you choose?

    Hey! Just a question that I had in mind. There are no underlying meanings or anything. If you decide to answer, share with us what you would have. Remember, you can have anything that you want however you want it prepared! Please select whichever category you identify with as far as gender...
  20. Llayden

    Have you ever been trapped in a diaper?

    Have any of you ever been in a situation while wearing that you felt like you were trapped? Recently, I was on a road trip with two others and found myself feeling very trapped. I am urinary IC during the day (poor control) and wear at night. I wear heavier diapers at night but can get away...