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  1. WizardDetective


    For the regular fleece pajamas, I agree with you. My fleece pajamas laster about 1 year compared to my JJ's that usually stay in top condition for 3 years. I have never tried chenille pajamas from either company till now, so we will see how long they last.
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    I just wanted to say this without starting a new thread: is having a 70% off clearance sale. EVERYTHING is $20. At that price they are the second cheapest PJs I have ever had. (the cheapest being used on Ebay) I got mine last night and they were Excellent Quality. Might write...
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    What happens when you wimp out

    How many times have I driven to Wal-Mart, just to chicken out? I never buy anything. The truth is no one cares out what you are buying and their opinions are stuid anyway, so they can go Truck themselves up and down the streat. I'm wearing a diaper right now! So, sometimes I DO actually have...
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    Falling into Obsession.

    Baby Time should not cause stress, it should relieve stress. Transitioning from having a person to share this with to being alone must be hard. However, if you are alone you need to re-learn how to satisfy your desires alone. Have other hobbies to to besides "playtime". I enjoy al sorts of TV...
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    Thumb Sucking, How Many?

    I am a life-long thumb-sucker, i do it all the time.
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    Identifiable idea.

    One solution is to adopt a pre-existing symbol with plausible deniability. Like Mr. Hankey. You carry a Mr. Hankey keyring/sticker/etc. and if the wrong people ask if you are an ABDL you just say, "What? Poop is funny!" Not the best idea in the world, but hey... Meeting other ABDL's in real...
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    Does being an ab make you a nicer person?

    I think most people don't know how to "mello out". Being a ABDL gives us an oppertunity, taken or not, to relieve stress and act better in public. However, anybody with a "happy place" can do what I'm talking about. We just share a happy place here!
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    Just ordered my first NUK 5!

    I grow more attached to my paci every day. I have always been a thumbsucker, but I can use my paci when I'm doing thing with my hands. It is so great to have one.
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    My first Diaper Adventures!

    I bought my first diapers(a few months ago), and on my third pack. I want to summerize some of the diaper adventures I had. First day with a diaper, put one od shirst n and went to Jack in the Box for lunch. Baggy pants and shirt as always. Also, whent to Wal-mart and just walked around untill...
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    Reactivating My Acount. I'm Back Baby!!

    I haven't been here in a while, had to reactivated my acount to log in. Why did I want to log in so badly!!? I bought a pair of pjs from, and was a little dissapointed. The material is not as heavy as others i've had, and they look like they took a beating after the first...
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    Doctor Who Parody

    I went to the BBC website to see when the new season would air. I found this instead. another Charity Event Mini-episode Curse of Fatal Death. It is so funny I had to share it. BBC - Doctor Who - The Curse of Fatal Death - News & Features
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    footed sleeper

    I bought JJ about 2 years ago. The were labeled "Made in Canada" they had higher quality matirial and they had a extra piece of material to cover the zipper so it does not touch your skin. (this being the biggest feature for me) I bought a new pair, got it just yesterday, and it is now "Made in...
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    AB/DLism in popular culture

    We know about that CSI episode. Someone mentions it on every page. I found four posts on it after skimming a few pages of this thread. I might as well contribute a referance while i'm here: Dharma and Greg season five. There is a nice dream sequence. I can't find a link, I realy want to see...
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    New? 'All in One Company' footie pajamas

    Sorry, I realy did try to search before posting but came up with nothing.
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    New? 'All in One Company' footie pajamas

    @tenderheart, when you get the jams post about it on the forums. i'd like to here first hand info.
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    New? 'All in One Company' footie pajamas

    i just now hit mr the conversion rates. These are way more expensive than I thought. too bad, they look good.
  17. WizardDetective

    New? 'All in One Company' footie pajamas

    Has anyone heard of them? The most interesting part is that everything is customizable. Mittens, feet, and hoods…with ears? Awesome! However, they can get expensive with all the add-ons. They are based in Brittan, so shipping anywhere else is expensive. The site has many pictures of models...
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    Rule number 1 for surviving Zombieland... see Zombieland.

    I hate zombie movies, but this is so funny it overcomes that dispossision.
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    What is your favourite Hayao Miyazaki Movie?

    Spirirted Away and Howl's Moving Castle are very good. I like to watch Howl whenever I'm in the mood for classic fantasy. My all time fav is Princess Mononoke. I remember seeing this are a kid and renting the video a dozen times. (tied with Spaceballs - i rented that repeatedly too...)...
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    Virtual Haircut

    :frown: No headphones. Sound hillarious though!