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  1. Technologic

    500,000 Nvidia GPUs recently found

    So the 500k gpus is a fake story, sadly. It would have been nice to have an influx of cards. As for the $70k 3080 sold, I'm willing to bet that there isn't really a story there either. As...
  2. Technologic

    NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super and Triple screens?

    That depends. What games? And do you intend to do surround? Or are you gaming on one monitor and the other two are for other uses? I'm running a 1080ti with 3 monitors. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Sadly I don't really play any current AAA titles so I can't give that as a...
  3. Technologic

    Games with High entertainment Value?

    Factorio. Currently over 1000 hours played and in the middle of a game. Lots of mods that change the game play from play through to play through. Some make it easier and some add so many steps to production you will be pretty sure it's just a job now. And yet you keep playing. On top of mods...
  4. Technologic

    Steam Christmas Giftaway

    In Thanks for the opportunity.
  5. Technologic

    NorthShore Supreme Lite Colors Are In-Stock!

    Thanks for the clarification Adam, that is a much more reassuring answer. I'll find out if that was the case in a few hours, hopefully. (grr FedEx).
  6. Technologic

    NorthShore Supreme Lite Colors Are In-Stock!

    Can anyone that has ordered a case of the Supreme Lites verify for me how they are shipped? Specifically if they are shipped in a single box of 4 bags, or a case of 3 + a separate shipment of 1 bag? I just received my order of several cases of various things from them and my Supreme Lites are...
  7. Technologic

    windows 10 sucks

    I hate the tiles too. Take a look at "classic shell" if you want to do away with them. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. Technologic

    windows 10 sucks

    Personally windows 10 is fine with me. With one minor change. The first thing I install after 10 on any computer is "classic shell". Which wipes out the garbage start menu and replaces it your choice of the older start menus. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  9. Technologic

    letters fading off the keyboards xD

    If you want letters that can't wear off, get a keyboard with double shot keycaps. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  10. Technologic

    Bug Report Tapatalk displaying image that was removed

    Here is another instance. http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.comREMOVE/20160728/cced76a8347aaf5fe4d3a37d4b0d7a5f.jpg Warning, it's a penis. Remove the word REMOVE from the url to see the picture. I didn't want it appearing on tapatalk again...
  11. Technologic

    Bug Report Tapatalk displaying image that was removed
  12. Technologic

    Bug Report Tapatalk displaying image that was removed

    Failed attempt at getting tapatalk to not display the other image. I think moving the image from here to my first post fixed it instead.
  13. Technologic

    Bug Report Tapatalk displaying image that was removed

    Tapatalk shows the latest image in each thread as part of the unread list inside the app which is nice. But when an image is removed by a moderator, it doesn't seem to stop it from showing up in tapatalk as long as it was the last image posted. I have tried clearing my app data and cache on...
  14. Technologic

    Disappointed with a friend

    Is it not possible that she meant it as, "it's a shame" as in, its sad that a child that old is still having problems?
  15. Technologic

    Depends With Refastenable Tabs

    So it looks like the waistband was removed, 1 tape per side was removed, and now they are cloth backed. Yay for "improvement".....
  16. Technologic

    Depends With Refastenable Tabs

    Well then, I am intrigued. I actually don't mind depends when I add a Tru fit booster and refastenable tabs would make them better. I'll have to see if any stores near me have them.
  17. Technologic

    Depends With Refastenable Tabs

    Were they maybe the refastenable underwear they sell?
  18. Technologic

    Toddler girls swimsuits for adults

    I would like to get one also but when they say 100 to make a batch, do they mean 100 in one adult size?
  19. Technologic

    What's the dumbest thing you've microwaved?

    Cardboard Chinese food container. I forgot to remove the metal handle and when it beeped signaling it was done, I was left wondering why the light was still on. Open it up and my lunch is on fire. Luckily it was small so I just blew it out, brushed off some ash, and had pork fried rice.
  20. Technologic

    Diaper Shipping Dillemas

    Luckily my biggest shipping mess up didn't end in disaster. It was the first case I ordered from Dry 27/4. I had it all planned out I had a window of opportunity where my parents would be asleep and at work and I knew how long it would take to ship to me. However a day or so after I got the...