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  1. kingdark

    Do you want a story with a specific number amount of things? Kingdark offers his services 100% free

    Hey everyone, My name is Kingdark and I'm 33. I technically already am somewhat of a 'veteran' of the forum, and I already introduced myself, but a refresher never hurts. One of my passions, aside from computers is writing and reading stories. All kinds of stories actually. Now, a little while...
  2. kingdark

    How do you know the diaper you're wearing is a right fit?

    Hey all, I want to ask you all something but it's kind of hard to put into words. (I think) But I'll try to explain it as good as possible anyway. You need to know a bit of background first: For the last few months, I've been using Abena medium m4 which are basically the thickest variety they...
  3. kingdark

    What's more embarrassing? Starting off as an adult and then slowly grow more younger physically but not mentally or waking up in a younger body?

    Okay, so the entire question couldn't fit in the title, but my version basically gets the point. This is a question that asks several questions. First, what do you think would be more embarrassing: being cursed to slowly grow younger physically but not mentally or waking up in a younger body...
  4. kingdark

    A bit of help with a story I'm writing- werebabies

    Hey all, I have a problem, and I was hoping that a second opinion would be enough to get me past the problem. I'm writing a fanfiction I'm going to post on my fanfiction account eventually. Anyway, it is a cyoa (create your own adventure) type of story and this is important to know because of...
  5. kingdark

    Dedicated rpg maker mv resources (willing to pay a small amount for it)

    It is2. like the title implies. I'm looking for some dedicated abdl related resources for Rpg Maker MV. I know there are some, (and I mean no offence to the one that made them) but those aren't enough for what I'm looking I think. I'm willing to pay you something for your time and effort, the...
  6. kingdark

    Who writes or reads fanfiction?

    Outside my abdl life I tend to do plenty of other things. I play games on both console and pc. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that at least one of the people on this community might have the same interest as me namely fanfiction. I would like to repeat that this has nothing to do with diapers or the...
  7. kingdark

    Helloy everyone... again

    Hey all! Since it has been months that I thought to look at this site, I thought I might as well introduce me again. If only because I don't know what else to say :p I'm kingdark, I'm twenty seven and I'm male. I'm from Belgium in Europe. I'm most a diaper lover I think but I wouldn't mind...
  8. kingdark

    Greetings from Belgium... Again!

    It's been a good amount of time since I last visited, let alone posted. So I figured that I should just reintroduce myself! Ask what you want from me again, because it's been so long I thought that a proper re-introduction would be good here. Cheers!
  9. kingdark

    Adult-isch question not sure if this should be put here

    I apologize if this should be in the adult section, but it is diaper related. I am currently wearing medium adult diapers of the local market. (I don't know the name out of my head) Anyway when I have an erection (and this is where the adult-isch part comes in) the head comes above the diaper...
  10. kingdark

    Hi again

    I'm back from being gone. Last November (the eleventh) to be precise I had an operation done to me. The specs aren't that important, but it was a pretty heavy operation, and I'm still recovering today. I think I posted a post here before, but I can't be completely sure though. Oh well, I...