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  1. willnotwill

    I've gone down a diaper size

    I've always worn size Large diapers. The mediums (with the exception of the confidry and the NSC megamaxs) just don't reach for me. Well I've lost over 40 pounds since the beginning of the year and I had these BetterDry mediums sitting on the shelf because they didn't fit. Well, I got one...
  2. willnotwill

    Adam is now the "Diaper King of Chicago"
  3. willnotwill

    A suggestion on the Styling

    Can you go to Admin > Style and under Default Style Chose Avatar and set the Avatar Border Radius (second on the form) to 10%. This will switch the avatars from being the perfect cricles they are to being mostly square with rounded corners. Too much of people's avatars are clipped off by...
  4. willnotwill


    Just got a link for another subscription incontinence product company called "Because Market." Hopefully it's a better product than the Willow disaster. We'll see.
  5. willnotwill

    Willow: An absolutely terrible product form a completely reprehensible company.

    Yes, an absolutely terrible product from an absolutely terrible company to deal with. I think the analogy to the Dollar Shave Club (another complete fraud... by the way if you want to mail order blades, try Harry's...great product, great service) is quite apt. I decided to give them a...
  6. willnotwill

    Study says 40% sleep with a bear!
  7. willnotwill

    No sales tax in VA

    This weekend is the annual "back to school" sales tax holiday. On the list of exempt items is "diapers, child and adult"