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  1. care_a_lot

    How old are you really (in your mind)

    Body: 24 Mind: 15 - 20 my wife says Spirit: 7
  2. care_a_lot

    I need new epals

    I was just thinking that it would be kinda cool to get some more people contributing to something like a few get to know you activities and just have some general fun writing to one another create more of a community environment here but if others don't agree with me then that's fine too.
  3. care_a_lot

    I need new epals

    Well I wanted to be able to make a post like this for a while but I just didn't know where to make it. There are so many lovely people here on ADISC but how many people are honestly capable of looking at someone's email and just sending emails all over the place to different people and seeing...
  4. care_a_lot

    Favorite Album of All Time

    Carol King - Tapestry
  5. care_a_lot

    What Do You Miss?(A Nostalgia Thread)

    What I miss from when I was younger was just the feeling of security and love. Something that I tend to have with my mommy now which is a wonderful feeling. I miss getting up early and actually having the energy to want to climb out of bed - this ironically changed when I hit 11. I used to...
  6. care_a_lot

    Invincibility, or immortality?

    I'd rather invincibility that way I would be able to look after my mommy until what stage she dies and then I could choose to die with her :)
  7. care_a_lot

    Breaking/Losing Things?

    Mommy tells me I'm a natural disaster area. I've lost more pens than I dare mention and am always buying more. I can totally destroy things without meaning to - leant on a cupboard door once to help myself up off the ground and it came off its hindges! Same thing tends to happen with sliding...
  8. care_a_lot

    yup I love the care bears :)

    yup I love the care bears :)
  9. care_a_lot

    What do you expect from a carer?

    I actually met my wife online about 2 years ago. When she was chasing me around a writing site that we both belonged to. She was (and still is) an american and I was (and still am) an australian. I decided that I was going to go and meet her and take the HUGE step of taking a plane to the states...
  10. care_a_lot

    What caused you to be AB/DL? (it matters!)

    I think mine started when I was 7 for a reason. It was the most painful year of my life. My parents got divorced. My aunty celebrated that fact with my father right in front of me. My great grandmother died and I felt like my whole world had collapsed. The night I was going to turn 8 I lay on my...
  11. care_a_lot

    How fast does everyone here type?

    40 - 50 words per minute and then tend to get a cramp if I try to write any faster.
  12. care_a_lot

    FanBox BLOWS

    Yes I've only just found the same problem although for me this stupid thing called "question it" keeps appearing in my inbox which I would just love to get rid of. I made the mistake of joining because a friend of mine wanted me to give it a go thinking it would be a great place to meet new...
  13. care_a_lot

    Sleepless Nights

    I can definetely relate. There have been nights that I am thinking about how to sort out certain situations that I don't go to sleep until about 3 or maybe even 5 in the morning and those are usually days that I have to get up at 7. When this used to happen when I was married my wife would call...
  14. care_a_lot


    Anxiety can sometimes get on my nerves but not often enough really to be able to make me take actions for such feelings. I tend to just have a glass of coca cola and get over it.
  15. care_a_lot

    How much of an AB are you?

    I'm an adult child more than an adult baby. I enjoy playing at the park with my partner and I enjoy having someone to call "mommy" or "mummy" as I was never able to pronounce the other one being australian. I do wear diapers occasionally when mommy decides that I need them and I do tell her...
  16. care_a_lot

    Your Perfect Partner

    Do you want them a guy, girl? Girl Do they have to be in the same age range, older, younger? To tell the truth I don't really mind an older woman, same age or a younger woman just as long as she's got a mature mind and is able to cope with me. Do they have to look a certain way? Couldn't care...
  17. care_a_lot

    Adult baby/adult child + children

    Thank you so much pram rider and everyone else for putting my mind at ease. When I was reading over your post Mandi I was reminded of a time with my second cousin. I never let myself be a part of a child's life in the past due to the fear of this issue coming up but this one time I was over at...
  18. care_a_lot

    Adult baby/adult child + children

    Recently I got myself into a bit of a sticky situation which might involve the loss of my marriage but I wanted to be able to ask you people here a few things. What do you think of adult baby/adult children and actual real life children. Can they be combined? Can they actually work out? I told...
  19. care_a_lot

    Never telling your partner?!

    I told my wife actually after I married her. I thought that she'd be accepting of who and what I am and she was. She let me call her Mommy and she let me be her little baby girl. Although I never actually did USE the diapers for me I'm more of an adult child (probably around age 7) than an adult...
  20. care_a_lot

    Is Your Climate Changing?

    Down here in Australia (Melbourne) I would LOVE to see some rain again. When I was feeling down like I have been lately I used to just sit outside in the rain and let it drench me. Then I'd come back inside have a shower and cry and go back to my room and get online and talk to my friends (which...