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  1. babymick21

    Today's poor grammar, spelling, and usage

    Hey all, as a writer, I've really been noticing how bad grammar, spelling, and usage are these days. Now, it's really hard to tell whether things are getting worse than when I was growing up. I tend to think that it is since grammar used to be taught to my parents' generation, but not really at...
  2. babymick21

    Anyone headed to the Oct Toronto area TAG Munch?

    I'm thinking of going, for the first time, as my AB friend is visiting from out of town. I was wondering who else is thinking of going :) Toronto Area AB/DL/AgePlay Monthly Munch!
  3. babymick21

    Funny USA vs Canada spoof

    Gus Porter, American Legend with Thomas Haden Church from Thomas Haden Church and Jake - Video
  4. babymick21

    Lil AB Boy Shortalls

    I'm trying to decide which would be better, the cosyndry one, or a custom modified one. Cosyndry - ~$100CDN Cosy n Dry: Denim Dungarees Starry Ideas - ~$125CDN STARRY IDEAS!! (buying the overalls, alterations, embroidery, shipping) I'm leaning towards the cosyndry ones (less work...
  5. babymick21


    I never thought I would, but I just pooped my very first diaper. I was getting up w/ a fairly fresh diaper already on, to go to the bathroom...and I just said "f#$k it!" and pooped! It was a lot easier than I thought, but an odd sensation. It was on the firm side I guess, so I decided to sit in...
  6. babymick21

    Kendall Simplicity Plus 3D

    Any reviews?
  7. babymick21

    Halp! Deciding between cloth diapers

    I'm pretty sure that I've narrowed it down between the Velcro diapers from babykins (along with nylon plastic pants) and the Velcro diapers from DD from ebay (ie Gabbys). Suggestions? I've tried the babykins way in the past and loved them (but, alas, threw them out in a purge). Thanks!
  8. babymick21


    Canadian DL (slight AB), 26m in waterloo ontario. Glad to be here :) Seems like a nice place.