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    Have an Accident!

    Ok I tried, I failed!
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    Have an Accident!

    One thing I have seen over and over on this sight and others is: "How do I break this to my ... new boyfriend, girlfriend, whoever?" Pick a time and place you can control, fall, or have to pee too bad to make it, or one too many drinks, or what ever, have a small but visible accident. Apologize...
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    mommys? daddys?

    I am a daddy and a DL/Incontinent, also one of the luckiest bastards in the world! when my wife:AB and I were having our final talks about our biggest secrets Hers was she was AB. Wow i hit the jackpot! Just when I thought i couldn't love her any more... I've been her "Diapered Daddy",and...
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    Two person diaper

    I wish i could remember how my girl and i made that work! We used 2 attends back when plastic only was all you could get. If I do remember how to do the double diaper trick I'll be sure to answer the post in detail. We also had a hers only that somehow i cut an "access" slot then sealed till I...