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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    abena abri x-plus... i cant wait till tomorrow im gonna try by abri wing :-)
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    Family bus trip

    im not sure where in PA you are, but whenever i go up to see my grand parents (philly) its only a 3 hour drive. and if you are near the phoconoahs mountains (not sure how to spell that) thats 5 hours and a if u have access to abena x plus or maybe even attends then u should be fine...
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    First Diaper of 2009

    attends cloth backed
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    Diapers you wore as a baby....

    i wore pampers. my dad is with the foreign service so we were moved all over the world. i remember seeing a picture that my parents had of all the diapers they bought from Costco before we went to Indonesia (because the diapers there supposedly suck and are expensive). think of this except...
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    Buying OL for the 1st time! Suggestions?

    id say abena x plus. i just bought from XP and had a great experience :)
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    best online diaper store

    go for the mediums, they will be much more comfortable, and three dollars isnt that bad when you factor in confort once i saw goodnites on sale and i decided to buy those instead of my normal diaper. unfortunately they did not fit so i was out 9 dollars :(
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    Where do you change your diaper?

    i prefer my bed for when im going to sleep, or lie down when im planning to be walking around then i diaper myself against the wall
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    best online diaper store

    jonbb, no the shipping label only says XP now my order just arrived Monday and im soo happy :)
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    Has Anyone Ever Received Diapers As A Christmas Gift?

    i gave myself diapers for christmas
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    How Easily Can You Go In A Diaper

    yeah, its pretty easy for me especially at night, i think i've trained myself to wet my bed whenever i have a diaper on... that might sound weird but whenever i have a diaper or just cotton briefs (not so much as with diapers) on i will wet the bed. but when i wear boxers i dont
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    Assurance Diapers: So bummed

    thats kinda how i flet when the cvs diapers were changed to cloth backed ones
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    What diaper are you wearing NOW?

    attends 10 breathable i wish i could get some of the plastic backed ones
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    thats cute there all passed out, except for one
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    Those damn heterosexuals! forcing their "Straight agenda" on us and our CHILDREN!

    i was thinking "wow take a chill pill," then i realized u were kidding lol
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    What diaper are you wearing NOW?

    attends breathable medium
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    Would you change someone else's diaper?

    im not sure because the situation has never raised, but it if were a person i knew well and liked then i would probably change them *(if they return the favor). im not sure if i would change another guys diapers, that would be kinda weird. *NO MESSY DIAPERS too disgusting, i don't even mess mine
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    what would you do if you could live alone

    well, i would wear a diaper all the time during the summer my brother stayed at my aunts house for three weeks, so i got the room all to myself. :)
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    What diaper are you wearing NOW?

    attends breathable
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    What Is Your Favorite Diaper?

    my favorite is attends. i wish i could try some euro diapers, but i live with my parents so i cant :(
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    Anyone play any intsruments?

    i play trombone, yea first chair :-)