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  1. joehiddenabdl

    10 years from now

    7 years a dl, but i think it might take a backseat now ive opened myself to alot more fetishes. being abdl is such a cross over fetish imo you got ageplay, furries, bdsm, scat, watersports, humiliation, medical, disability and more all gatewayed by this one fetish/lifestyle
  2. joehiddenabdl

    Met another ABDL - ON ACCIDENT

    This is 100% too good to be true omg, I'm so jealous rn that's like a dream fantasy
  3. joehiddenabdl

    im thinking of wearing diapers all week.

    just finished a whole week of 24/7 its awesome, I didnt use them for everything but i still wet and mess as much as i could while incognito
  4. joehiddenabdl

    Post Pictures of Yourself

    you look cute as hell - - - Updated - - - if thats to me then thanks a bunch :)
  5. joehiddenabdl

    Anyone's parents let them wear?

    My little brother was adopted by my parents as they are carers who fell for him hence the age gap, then again my oldest sibling is almost 10 years my senior although my mum was pregnant with her at 21 my surgery was ummm..... lets just say it was downstairs and although it shouldnt have left...
  6. joehiddenabdl

    Squatty potty anyone?

    off-topic but the title made me realise how much i want an adult potty styled like a kids one i also agree with squating when pooping in diapers, feels more babyish to me, tightens the diaper for better spread which is suprisingly important and it feels better, probably cause mentally its more...
  7. joehiddenabdl

    Abdl on social media

    the websites where im posting abdl iamges are incognito as hell, like that imgur is private, only you guys and a few ab friends have seen it, i guess being subtle is the smart move but i like being a little more visual sometimes. i just like how ill post stuff like that on media where im known...
  8. joehiddenabdl

    Abdl on social media These are two of the photos I put in the tumblr post to show you just how close I went to exposing my Abdl side, too obvious, no one has noticed yet ahaha
  9. joehiddenabdl

    How to stop temporary?

    If DL is sexual for you just porn Untill you can't no more and if that's not enough buy some diapers from a shop and wear them in your car, what you do in them ain't my business, not promoting you having "fun" in public but late night in a secluded area is a safe bet ( one of the reasons I can't...
  10. joehiddenabdl

    hi there

    Hey there buddy, any interests outside of Abdl? You strictly DL? And I get the whole lurking thing, I have been a DL for 7 years now and only started joining the community on here and Twitter recently, trust me if you don't know already talking and interacting with other people is so refreshing
  11. joehiddenabdl

    Face pics for diaper lovers

    I'm putting this in diaper talk cause idk, I feel his is the place where I think it fits Anyway I'm rocking a face pic on here which almost no one else is doing so I'm wondering if mine safe, my distinguishable features (face, tattoos, clothes I've worn around people) aren't in view so I deemed...
  12. joehiddenabdl

    What if: Celeb ABDL

    Would be awesome if he did, I'm calling hoax but tbh it could be true, then again it would affect him more than us so his decision to remain anonymous safes him a lot so I can't even be mad
  13. joehiddenabdl

    Anyone's parents let them wear?

    I'm jealous haha, I'm wearing strictly in a basis she thinks it's helping me out, she doesn't know about Abdl or anything although she has almost caught me out about 3 time, would kill for your family setup, I came out as bi sexual to my mum twice both times I couldn't deal with her disapproval...
  14. joehiddenabdl

    having fun today.

    I usually age play as a toddler who is being potty trained but has accidents a lot or is too lazy to go potty, one thing I do that I like is when's I finish going potty I want shake my pee pee after it so the end of it dribbles a tiny bit or very rarely if I'm going number two I'll not wipe...
  15. joehiddenabdl

    Abdl on social media

    Any of you guys ever posted a picture of yourself while padded on social media? I don't necessarily mean on show? Like have you ever posted a selfie where you have been wearing but you can't see? I don't know why but that excites me a lot, I have a large-ish online following and I would say...
  16. joehiddenabdl

    What if: Celeb ABDL

    So I was thinking today what would happen if a popular celebrity came out or was exposed as being Abdl and the effects it would have on the community I think it would be positive on one hand as it would of make a lot of people more aware of it, and kind of think "well if Beyoncé is into it then...
  17. joehiddenabdl

    Possible dl reason

    Sounds like the root of it ☺️ I thought it started at 11 for me when my family adopted a disabled kid who was incontinent, realised it started much early at 6-8 when I used to wear the diapers my sister would put on her dolls. Weird beginnings I guess
  18. joehiddenabdl

    Why are avatars and profile images so small

    Is there a reason why the avatar and profile pictures in here have to be so itsy busty teeny tiny? I had to crop hell out of my current one and I lost all the best parts about it ( I was all toddlers up and in a child's room and every thing idk it's just confusing as so many other places let you...
  19. joehiddenabdl

    Dafaq did I just watch? (ABDL reference on Youtube)

    I don't see the point in adding the in there for no reason.... BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT Even though it was an over the top costume I actually think he looked pretty cute, especially that bib
  20. joehiddenabdl

    Would you dive up Abdl

    Right just wondering, hypothetically if you had a magic wand and could only use it to remove your desire/enjoyment etc of the Abdl lifestyle would you? All you have to do is just say yes and instantly you aren't into it anymore? No more diapers or being little. That need/want is gone for good...