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    when wearing in public goes wrong

    I couldn't have said it any better, and couldn't agree more.
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    New Secure Plus Design

    That thing looks way too tight. And where did all the tapes go, I only see three?
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    Question about Kendall and prevail

    The older Prevail Overnight diapers are GREAT. I wish I could find them again.
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    Grey's Anatomy; Diaper Episode

    It was AWESOME. I an a huge fan of the show and couldn't believe that they wrote that in. I also like the fact that they showed their butts while walking away just to emphasize the fact they were wearing a diaper. You could clearly see the "bulge". I may have to find a place to download it.
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    Interview with ABDL models

    What does "fap" mean? I see it now and again and I just can't seem to figure it out. Cole
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    Changed Attends?

    Yes they did. I bought a pack a couple weeks ago and they have blue lines on them. They definitely aren't as good as the previous tapes with the "Attends" name on them. Cole
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    What would you do?

    Simply stated, yes I would talk to the person(male or female). I would approach the subject with caution since the only way for me to positively identify someone being diapered is to see it, and that would make my opening conversation, "Did you know your diaper, underwear, pants, etc. are showing?"
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    Wearing in Public: Your Experiences

    Pretty much the same situation here. I wear in public all the time and nobody's the wiser. My wife rarely says anything, all though she has commented on how convenient a diaper is when there's no bathroom around. She calls me lucky. One time recently she did ask me if I used my diaper while we...
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    To those with kids

    She says that to me daily. :)
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Attends w/ waistband (plastic backed) and another one inside modified as an insert, so two in total. I haven't had any Attends in about two years since they are hard to find around home.
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    "A Christmas Story" pajamas!

    To this day, that is my favorite book. It brings back such great childhood memories. I would totally take a pair of Sam's pajamas.
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    To those with kids

    My wife didn't experience any that I know of with our first, and so far with our second which is due in 4 weeks. I know she has to go pee about every hour, but she can't hold it very long anyhow. I am pretty sure she might have had a couple "dribbles" though, but not enough for me to call it...
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    Incontinence in the Workplace

    I wear to work quite often. I usually wear something like an Attends, Secure Plus, or Prevail Overnight. I wear loose fitting clothes to hide the bulk, and plastic pants to prevent leaks. I ALWAYS have a couple extra diapers in my car. If I need to change during the work day, then I will go to...
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    Holding it vs. little at a time

    I just go when I go. Sometimes it seems to be just a little, but sometimes I pee a lot at once. I don't "hold it" very well, so I guess a little at a time more so applies to me.
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    Night wear

    Around the house - shorts/sweat pants and t-shirt In bed - nothing, just a diaper.
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    OK.... lets settle diaper brands

    None. They don't fit me anymore.:sad:
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    Music video sighting!

    I don't know if anyone has ever seen the Jane's Addiction - "Mountain Song" video, but it has two girls dancing on stage wearing a disposible diaper and tank top. It is AWESOME! They show them 3 times I believe. Here's a link: Mountain Song | Jane's Addiction | Music Video | MTV
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    What is your least favorite feature in a diaper?

    ABSOLUTE worst thing is a "cloth-like" backing. A diaper has to be plastic and the noisier the better. I am glad Attends still offers the original six tape w/ waistband that still has a plastic cover.
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    Another Newbie

    Welcome. Here's some advice that my help. I was "discovered" by my wife. She asked a couple of questions at the time, but we never really discussed it any further. About a year later we talked about it again. She wrote me a letter and I also wrote her a letter. We traded and read them and then...
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    Attends 10 Classic Fit?

    I hated those. To me the inside had a "plastic" feel to it and they really irritated my skin. I ended up using another diaper inside so they felt better. I did however like the plastic on the outside and the tapes.