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  1. autinico

    Would you move to mars?

    No. As interesting this would be... Even if I where in a psysical state for this I wouldnt do that... The quality of life would never be like it was before. This will most likely be a one way trip and the challanges people will face there is nothing like we have here. There will be no internet...
  2. autinico

    Getting my gender reassignment surgery soon

    I am on (almost) Zero T now and happy with it. There are some possible side effects but they can be manageable
  3. autinico

    Permanent Limpness

    Even testosterone blockers and orchiectomy didn't completely eliminate erections but spontaeneous ones didnt happen. I guess without futher surgery its not very likely to achieve.
  4. autinico

    Getting my gender reassignment surgery soon

    Good luck. Adapting after surgery is weird but it made me very happy.
  5. autinico

    When did you discover your fetish?

    Already had this far before puberty... Around 8 oder something. But when I got my Internet around 13 I really discovered what this is.
  6. autinico

    another reason to wear diapers

    Yep. I always wear a onsie for a year now. But I am not wearing a diaper for 24/7. Always taking off everything is complicated^^
  7. autinico

    Your regular Diapers

  8. autinico


    Without hormones or a lot of unhealthy weight gain it is not really possible.
  9. autinico

    How To Not Making Diaper Wearing Not Sexual

    For me it started to be something primarily sexual but there was also a non-sexual component. I also thought about it way before puberty. But today its definetly not something sexual anymore. The non-sexual part completely took over.
  10. autinico

    "Littles" with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

    Also autistic here. Always interesting to see how many of us are into this...
  11. autinico

    Where are you on the AB/DL-ism spectrum?

    More DL than AB. I wouldn't say its sexual... It was... but not now.
  12. autinico

    Do you still use the toilet?

    Rarely use my diaper for #2. Some days I dont use the diaper at all. I am far from 24/7
  13. autinico

    shaved or unshaved

    For me only for a short time. Kind of depends on the method of the shaving.
  14. autinico

    shaved or unshaved

    I prefer it shaved or at least very short hair. I hate it when all that pee go through the hair. Also makes the stream more chaotic when using the regular toilet.
  15. autinico

    Male or female

    Like you, I identify more Agender than male. Also had surgery...
  16. autinico

    Male or female

    Born male, but the answer wouldnt really fit..
  17. autinico

    A Question for the Ladies

    Not exactly like womens part but the urethra opening is at a similar spot like females. My surgery didn't include the construction of female parts. I rarely get turned on but it doesn't seems to effect peeing much.
  18. autinico

    A Question for the Ladies

    I had my penis removed and since then leaking is less frequent because of the more controlled flow into the diaper futher down. Its not like the diaper holds more but the distribution seems to be better than before.
  19. autinico

    How strong were you nappy wearing desires as a teenager?

    As a teenager much stronger than now
  20. autinico

    Sissy stereotype - having a small...

    Small penis size as a symbol for good manners and intelligence... Our culture should adapt this.