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  1. beckijed


    Quick question has anyone in the UK ordered from Europe Since Jan 2021... How was the experience? im looking to buy from Diaper Hero's what are they like? Thanks
  2. beckijed

    Northshore Coming to the UK 😀😀😀

    Just looked at NAPPIES R US website and they are now listing Northshore products... looks like they are awaiting stock though... can i be first in the que...
  3. beckijed

    Drynights sizes

    Sorry not too sure if this has been covered before... Would love to try Drynights i love the new designs and having see a few pictures of adults wearing them on instagram was wondering what size people who have successfully worn are. I wear uk size 14 underwear... i fear i would need to lose...
  4. beckijed

    Favorite Diaper Replacement

    So most of us have a favorite or go to diaper . Mine are Tykeables Overnights... but what to do when they are out of stock... Recently this was my case so i decided to try alternatives which i haven't tried before... I chose the Dotty Diaper company Pride 2.0 - My Diaper Ultra Night and Crinklz...
  5. beckijed

    anyone tried DryLife Pull ups?

    So although i prefer to use proper diapers there is a place in my life for pull ups whilst looking to buy a few packs came across ones from Drylife which ive not seen before... anyone tried them? i have taken the plunge and ordered from Amazon so looking forward to try...
  6. beckijed

    Christmas is comeing

    So Christmas is around the corner... I have two weeks off and am planning on making a big dent in my stock of nappies anyone got any ideas on what to do to vary the experience... what are you planning on doing???
  7. beckijed

    Best Way to wear fitted cloth diapers

    OK so have been wanting to try a Fitted Cloth diaper for some time now but wasn't sure about them and then the cost and practicalities... I was surfing the save express site last night i found these...
  8. beckijed

    use by date

    So back in the late 90's my first ever purchase of Adult Diapers i bought a case of Tender 2 Nights... I still have several packs left which i had forgotten about... so my question is do Diapers deteriorate with age?
  9. beckijed

    new MyDiaper designs

    Just wasting some time and went to Save Express website MyDiaper have only gone and brought out two new designs... A Plain Black one and a Blue one with stars diamonds and my little ponies?? Not fussed about Black but gotta get some of the blue ones...
  10. beckijed

    first experience

    having been a wearer of diapers for some time now i have regularly thought of getting some plastic pants... recently acquired a couple of pairs from ebay... tried for the first time last night... wow what a difference... they make me feel so much more secure and keep the diaper closer to me...
  11. beckijed

    Double Diaper or more

    Ok so have just successfully double diapered for the first time... i used a Tena maxi which i cut to allow leakage to the second diaper a crinklz... i also used 2 pads per diaper... so my question is has anyone tried 3 or 4 diapers at once? and any tips for a more enjoyable experience...
  12. beckijed

    Cheap Abena's Abri Form

    THIS IS A TIME LIMITED OFFER... Save Express at have Abri forms on offer at 9.99 euro... finishes at 10pm tonight (26th September 2015) Hope this helps...
  13. beckijed

    Hello from Sunny UK

    Hello to all Members. My name is Becky and I'm newly out of the Diaper draw and new to the scene... About me I've been a user of Diaper s for a very long time. I describe my self as Transsexual and possibly asexual. I want to meet online users ...