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  1. LonelyFOX

    Being put in women's clothing

    Hi everyone!, how's everyone here?. After having a romantic relationship with this girl then she invited me to her house. Taking all the precautionary measures for avoiding all the risks of this ugly virus. Just I showed up at her house in the evening and then just I put on my stirrup pants...
  2. LonelyFOX

    Wearing heels, instruments of torture!, ouch!

    How's everyone here?. After meeting with one of the friends of the granddaughters of the woman who owns the place where I stay. Her friends put me on high heel sandals and now I'm going out with one of her friends. Both of us were on high heels but I don't know why women love them when they...
  3. LonelyFOX

    I'm a sissy and sexy!

    How's everyone here?. Just after struggling and going through a precarious situation I've been wearing girls clothing like ripped jeans, second hand sports wear from the cheerleaders friends of onethe granddaughters of this woman who owns the place where I rent the bedroom. Ultimately I couldn't...
  4. LonelyFOX

    Getting sissy due to lack of money...

    How's everyone going?. Kind of hard during this pandemic and getting stressed. Because I couldn't earn enough money during the last couple of months. Then I've been buying some clothes at the thrift stores. I've been buying children clothing in size XL but unfortunately I haven't found any...
  5. LonelyFOX

    Which are your favorite sneakers and why?

    Hi everyone!. During this quarantine just I want to do something just for not getting stressed. I want to ask which type of sneakers are your favorites and why. I wear Skechers d'lites because they're quite light and comfortable. I can walk a lot more on them and that's why I like them!
  6. LonelyFOX

    Tena active underwear, yuck!

    Hi everyone!, finally I accepted to wear pull ups after being diagnosed with overactive bladder and I need to stay active for avoiding overweight. Damn winter makes me mad and when the days are quite sunny and little bit warm then I go out for walking and jogging such as to the gym. Finally I...
  7. LonelyFOX

    Depressed and without my underwear

    Hi every body. After having some issues with my bladder at night due to sleep paralysis and I can't go to the washroom and I ended up peed on the bed. I used to wear prevail pv511 pull on's for bed time and boys goodnites during the day time. I'm renting a room with a lady around the age of 50...
  8. LonelyFOX

    Why men are attracted to women with small feet?

    It’s quite a difference, isn’t it? Women with smaller feet have prettier faces, at least according to the men who took part in this study. So do women with longer thigh bones and narrower hips, as well as women who are taller overall. And the contest isn’t even a close one. “These are the most...
  9. LonelyFOX

    Ugg, and now what!?

    Hi everybody. I've been recovering from bladder and ultimately just some leaks at night. I end up so tired and then when sleeping I can't make it to the washroom, feeling the sleep paralysis, everybody knows. I've been using pull ups at night such as goodnites boys XL and then I found prevail...
  10. LonelyFOX

    Hi, I'm New and shy

    Hi everybody, is the first time that I joined to ADISC, I've been some little bit shy and confused. Just I want to know new people and share some ideas. thanks.