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  1. BuffedBaby

    Snuggling in my onsie!

    I wear a onesie with my diaper every night. I have some tank top onesies from ODU for the summer. These hold my diaper perfectly snug and are comfortable as heck.
  2. BuffedBaby

    Suggestions for getting on a diper right alone

    I think your particular physique plays a big part in how a diaper fits. Betterdry fit me perfectly, ABU, Rearz and Northshore all fit just OK. I prep the diaper by folding it lengthwise, flatten it, then lay down on it and fasten the bottom tapes. Then I stand up, snug up the front and back...
  3. BuffedBaby

    Rearz Onesie

    I have two of their onesies and two pairs of footie PJ's and they seem to be true to size i.e. I'm an XL in just about everything and Rearz XL fits me fine. They're not snug like Onsies Downunder are, fit more like a regular t-shirt. Hope this helps
  4. BuffedBaby

    Onesies Downunder

    Best onesies ever, IMO. Like others have said they do run a little on the small side. I'm an XL in everything I wear but in their onesies I wear a 2XL and the fit is perfect. I did e-mail them a few weeks ago to find out if they were going to ever sell the solid colors again and Andrew replied...
  5. BuffedBaby

    I read your post about orgasm while being breastfed. Many years ago after the birth of our child...

    I read your post about orgasm while being breastfed. Many years ago after the birth of our child my wife (well aware and supportive of my ABDL side) was producing so much milk that she was only too happy to have me suckle every day. I was, of course, diapered for these sessions and not only...
  6. BuffedBaby

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Wearing a very wet Black Northshore Supreme. Very comfy and I'm in no hurry to change my diaper.
  7. BuffedBaby

    Anyone from massachuezetts

    North Shore here
  8. BuffedBaby

    Working out diapered?

    I just finished a workout at home. Did 10 mins of warmup on the treadmill then some lat pulldowns, tricep presses, neck lifts and ab work. Finished up with 20 minutes on the treadmill. Wearing a Northshore Air Supreme diaper and an Asics singlet. Wet 4-5 times and did break a fair sweat. No...
  9. BuffedBaby

    disposable diapers and the environment, oh and socialized health care too. Late night thoughts.

    OK I'm going to chime in here with mostly opinions. I did feel a little guilty switching from cloth to disposables but then I figured (not rationalized mind you) that I was saving anywhere from 4 to 6 flushes a day using disposables. That's a lot of water for 1 person to save over time. I know...
  10. BuffedBaby

    Rearz Footed Jammies Fit

    You're welcome!
  11. BuffedBaby

    Rearz Footed Jammies Fit

    Setting was on "high" and time was 1 hour. The PJ's weren't alone, there was about 8 or 9 towels in there too, I wouldn't do this to the PJ's alone
  12. BuffedBaby

    Rearz Footed Jammies Fit

    After I washed mine I ran them through the dryer and they shrunk just the right amount to be comfortable and just snug enough.
  13. BuffedBaby

    Does anyone like using diaper onesie's

    I won't sleep without one. I have a bunch from Onesies Down Under and a few from ABU. Onesies Down Under are my favorites, they fit perfectly and hold the diaper nice and snug to prevent leaks.
  14. BuffedBaby

    Rearz Footed Jammies Fit

    FWIW, I'm 5 foot 11 inches, 195 lbs with a 48 inch chest and 34 inch waist. XL fits me fine, L is a little too snug in the shoulders and chest
  15. BuffedBaby

    Work Outs - Get in "shape"

    Eliminate complex carbs at night, once you figure out your maintenance weight go 500 calories a day UNDER that. If you stick to that you'll lose a pound a week just doing that. Start with mild forms of exercise such as walking for 30 minutes or so 3-4 times a week.
  16. BuffedBaby

    Waiting on Alpaca's

    Got my shipment yesterday and wore one last night. Very nice all around, feels slightly thicker than a Safari but like the Safari, VERY soft inside and very crinkly on the outside. Fits very well too. A+ in my book
  17. BuffedBaby

    Waiting on Alpaca's

    Waiting on a small shipment from Rearz which includes a bag of Alpaca diapers. Anyone have anything to say about these/
  18. BuffedBaby

    Anyone Uses Melatonin?

    It helps extend my sleep an hour or so. I don't have any trouble falling asleep and with the melatonin I wake up wet EVERY morning, without it about 3-4 times a week.
  19. BuffedBaby

    MegaMax Pink Medium Just Arrived!

    Waiting for the black ones!
  20. BuffedBaby

    *POLL* MegaMax Tapes Question: Adhesive or Hook & Loop

    Keep the tapes especially on the MegaMax. I think you could pull a car engine with those. I may be in the minority but I don't take that diaper off until it NEEDS to come off because it's at capacity. I know some people like refastenable, not me with the MegaMax. Can't wait for the black ones.