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  1. blaincorrous

    how to i make my self go

    Try this: 1. Hydrate well until you need to use the bathroom. Then go use the bathroom like normal. (I know, sounds crazy.) 2. When you use the bathroom, sit there when you think your done, try to keep leaking. Get used to this feeling of leaving the valve open. New urine comes into your bladder...
  2. blaincorrous

    Halo Infinite disappointment at E3

    I usually watch casually or catch a live blog after the fact and eat popcorn while fanboys spout half-assed technobabble about their team. But a friend was interested in livestreaming reactions, so I got into the spirit.
  3. blaincorrous

    Halo Infinite disappointment at E3

    I really expected them to show more of Halo Infinite's campaign. Not just a "look how be we is" shot. I got a lot more of that Halo feeling from the multiplayer trailer. I just expected more for all the patience the community has shown.
  4. blaincorrous

    Are Any of You ABDL for no Reason? Let me Explain...

    Not to dismiss anyone’s analysis of their own background, but I do think we tend to look for reasons for things and inflate causes to fit the blank space we need to fill. Even so, I think this is a very level-headed threat on that account. There’s a lot of acceptance of the roles of both nature...
  5. blaincorrous

    Are Any of You ABDL for no Reason? Let me Explain...

    I can’t say I have any factors for ABDL and I’m about 95% DL/5% AB. It would be a stretch to say anything caused it. Then again, I do have a strong tendency to take responsibility for whatever I happen to be at the moment. I CAN say I had various reinforcing events that made sure I never “grew...
  6. blaincorrous

    Tried an Abena Abriform!

    If only to find something that works but doesn’t break the bank.
  7. blaincorrous

    Anyone know what's up with Tykables? They seem out out of stock for a lot of stuff.

    Don’t skip on Tykables, but yes, their products are priced at a premium. They have premium features. Try a sample. They were my go-to for a long time until I started wearing more often and needed to start being cost effective.
  8. blaincorrous

    Proposal: An ABDL symbol

    Honestly, I find some of the more unassuming ABDL company t-shirts to be very effective. As long as it isn’t a furry in a diaper, you can probably fly under the radar of most people. Think of convention, concert, or business event t-shirts. If you don’t know how to cut through the noise of the...
  9. blaincorrous

    Sleep In Diapers Training

    Like everyone says, it’s just getting used to it. So my advice would be to attend to other sleep hygiene matters and make sure you’re not doing anything to make it more difficult. Put away screens 30 min before trying to sleep. Wash your sheets regularly. Regulate the temperature and humidity in...
  10. blaincorrous

    Any ABDL members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints on here?

    While I have contempt for all religion, I have found any of the Mormon PEOPLE to be some of the kindest most understanding people on the planet. I would be thrilled to know one well enough to call them a friend, but I'll settle for human familial familiarity.
  11. blaincorrous

    25/7 Effects?

    Seems to me there are two tales of the refastenable tape being spun here. One says you can’t make yourself incontinent by wearing diapers. The other says “I wet the bed a little” or “I have decreased capacity/increased urges” or “I have occasional wet patches”. Let me be frank about this...
  12. blaincorrous

    25/7 Effects?

    Yeah, you can get a little too free with leaking. That usually comes with being nice and hydrated, then leaving the valve open long term. I do like a nice constant dribble, but you don't want to do that long term. Being capable of staying dry at night should be a priority. If I wet...
  13. blaincorrous

    The warm water trick

    I dunno. If I recall correctly, I think they halfassed it. If they were serious about it, they would have made a rig to ensure it worked.
  14. blaincorrous

    People Just Don't Say Anything About Your Diapers Do They?

    I didn’t say you did. What I did say is… if you’re discussing being noticed in public, why did you need to post a picture in naught but your diaper?
  15. blaincorrous

    People Just Don't Say Anything About Your Diapers Do They?

    @SecretlyABDL94, @Dlaboy4321 Because there is a rule against diapered crotch shots outside of discussions related to reviewing diapers or their fit. Funny enough, "Crotch shot" does not provide an instructive description about how "crotchy" the picture has to be. So, I would interpret those...
  16. blaincorrous

    People Just Don't Say Anything About Your Diapers Do They?

    Another day. Another exhibitionist thread with people trying to ruin this shit for all of us.
  17. blaincorrous

    Depend Men Night Time Defense

    “Night Defense” because everything male oriented has to have a sports undertone…
  18. blaincorrous

    Could I make myself incontinent?

    That’s a question that will get you some very principled and not at all useful answers. First, you need to maintain your function. Have a clear head about this. No half-thoughts about “if I became incontinent, it wouldn’t be that bad”. Second, you CAN train yourself psychologically to let go...
  19. blaincorrous

    Best Laxatives?

    Tend toward gentle laxatives. Normally, I say don’t fuck around with laxatives, but normal dosages of miralax are good even on a regular basis. I wouldn’t do that, burn I’ve seen no indication it forms any rebound habit. Prunes and prune juice are great. I’ve heard pears do good things, too. And...
  20. blaincorrous

    Any just plain diaper lovers here? Not little, AB, or IC, just a lover.

    I’ve largely transitioned to being a strict non-AB DL. Sometimes a particular diaper has features you don’t get on plain diapers, so only then do you see me buying them. I think I completed the transition when I realized I would benefit from a subscription for M4s on Amazon, along with...