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    Told my doctor about my bedwetting

    Well, I started a new PCP doctor because I moved a few years ago and needed to get one basically for a small pain in my side, which turned out to be nothing after a short round of antibiotics. The issue though could have been kidney or a bladder issue. The issue is that I've never brought up...
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    Allergic to Dry 24/7 diapers???

    Howdy. So, first off, these are my all time favorite diapers. They hold a ton and are very very comfy and thick. My problem is I get eczema if I wear them for a few nights in a row and it gets pretty bad to the point I have to go to the Doctors. I've never had this happen with Abena or Molicare...
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    Random Thought

    So with the Powerball Lottery hitting $110 million. I was thinking, "How much would it cost to have a full time women(most likely a pro dominatrix) keep me diapered and change me 24/7?". Pretty much let her do whatever she wants to me but keep me diapered the whole time. I know there have been...