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  1. BuffedBaby

    Waiting on Alpaca's

    Waiting on a small shipment from Rearz which includes a bag of Alpaca diapers. Anyone have anything to say about these/
  2. BuffedBaby

    ABU Goodies

    OK I mentioned in the Onesie thread that I'm really enjoying sleeping in a diaper and a Onesie so of course I (like the commercial) wanted MORE! I ordered a couple more Onesies from ABU (a plain white and a Space) and while I was at it I ordered another pack of Space diapers. (love these) My...
  3. BuffedBaby

    I ate babyfood today

    I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine (only my second in my life, the first being my own child's shower) and one of the things they do is play games. One of the games is to be blindfolded while you taste a spoonful of some type of food they hand you. As it turned out all the foods were...
  4. BuffedBaby

    Three "Firsts"

    OK so I have had three "firsts" recently. On Friday I wore a diaper to the gym, yesterday I wore a diaper to work and also yesterday I got my first shipment from ABU. The gym workout was low intensity and I had a Northshore pullup on under my gym clothes. No problems and I had a naughty feeling...
  5. BuffedBaby

    Work pants with diapers

    Looks like I'm going to be diapered at work from now on, just pullups for now. My company provides uniform pants but they don't have any relaxed fit style and I think the only ones that will accommodate a diaper have a waist size 4 inches bigger than my actual waist. Any brands someone can...
  6. BuffedBaby

    What are these?

    This package came in the box with my shipment from Rearz. They're little "things" about 1/2 inch long. I haven't opened the cellophane wrapper, I have no idea what these are. Anyone?
  7. BuffedBaby

    Diapered Motorcycle Ride

    OK, I've been riding motorcycles of some type for 50+ years and I'm about to go out for a ride on this beautiful New England night. This time however, I will be wearing a diaper for the first time while riding my motorcycle. Granted, it's not a super thick Rearz or a Northshore Lite, it's a...
  8. BuffedBaby

    Does what you wore as a baby influence what you wear now?

    I think most people here are of the age where they were diapered with disposables as a baby but for me and others in my age group it was a cotton diaper and plastic pants. For years nothing could match the feeling of a nice soft cotton diaper and a pair of plastic pants for me. With the advent...
  9. BuffedBaby

    Fits better when wet?

    I just retaped a Seduction that had two wettings and I noticed it seemed to fit a little differently (better) now that it was wet. I've noticed this in the past with my Northshore Supremes too. I haven't done this after more than one or two wettings but they just seemed to feel like they were...
  10. BuffedBaby

    A new me (kinda)

    I just got the new artwork for my avatar, here it is: Not sure if this topic belongs in this part of the forum. The artist worked from a picture of myself I sent to her, pretty close if I do say so and I love the way it came out. What does everyone think?
  11. BuffedBaby

    I need an avatar

    I see a lot of people here have really great avatars. Mine is, well it is what it is and I'd like to change it. Does anyone have a "spare avatar" or can someone point me in the right direction to get one that is acceptable? TIA
  12. BuffedBaby

    Halloween Baby

    Anyone ever go to a Halloween party dressed as a baby? I would think that this is one of the few times we could "get away" with being diapered. I'm almost tempted to host a party just so I could do this. Of course I guess I would have to answer questions like "where did you get your diaper and...
  13. BuffedBaby

    Dreaming of wetting and actually wetting

    OK, this is a fairly typical dream for me, I'm somewhere in public wearing my diaper and plastic pants and nobody is really noticing. Then I get the urge to pee but suppress it for a while then realizing I'm in a diaper I become very self conscious. At that point I figure it's OK to wet my...
  14. BuffedBaby

    Hi from Massachusetts

    Been a baby ever since I was a baby. Now that I'm older my diapers are a source of comfort and sometimes a blessing. Yes, I sleep like a baby in more ways than one. Hope to get to know people here and share ideas and experiences