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    Bottles are too time consuming to drink from. I've considered sippy cups but have yet to purchase any.
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    Reoccurring diaper related dreams

    I've had similar dreams to that, Wombat. The other part that contributes to my bedwetting is stress.
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    Discount fursuit head at marshall's

    Serious business, huh Faux?
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    Baby 👶 wipes

    I definitely suggest the One n Dones by Huggies. I found Target's store brand baby lotion to be rather soothing on the skin and has enough of the baby smell, so store brand isn't always a bad thing.
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    MLP cloth diapers?

    I got that one too RDBrony. Easiest diapers I've ever slept it.
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    whats your favorite diaper to wear and why?

    The Dependeco AIO reusable diaper. They come in all sorts of awesome designs and are super soft and comfortable.
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    What happened to Snuggies?

    Regardless of what people think of the name change, this sue happy world nowadays it isn't much of a surprise that it happened. Just gotta suck it up.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    A Dependeco AIO with two doublers. Waddley yet comfy and cool.
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    First Full Night Padded!

    I'd suggest looking for a medical store close to you. Diapers sold in local retail stores won't hold, though Certainty briefs from Walgreens are respectable though plain on the outside.
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    Do you poop?

    Sometimes I wear them as pull ups and others I tear at the sides and use the tabs like a diaper. I've noticed no problems either way. I prefer my Dependecos in term of comfy but these diapers have kept me dry at night so can't complain about them.
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    Do you poop?

    Your using Certainty diapers too, zipperless? I tried pooping tonight (my stomach was upset so it didn't take much of a push) and it held okay. I don't do it often because I don't like it and my reason for wearing is because of my weak bladder.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    A Walgreen's Certainty. Surprisingly absorbent for its price and unlike the GoodNites they resemble, no leaks.
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    Rash from not wearing a diaper

    I get chaffing in any kind of panties, but my legs are used to diapers so I never have problems with them. Not sure why that is.
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    P U L pants

    I agree with rio, I've been using Dependeco PULs since March and can't say enough about them. Best sleep diapers I've ever wore, I don't even notice them and fall to sleep quickly.
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    Ways to wash and dry cloth diapers

    I'd suggest a self-service Laundromat since you don't have access to a washer personally. Since you can't air dry, I strongly suggest you put them in the dryer on a low heat and don't overdo it.
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    Can any of you wear a diaper in public with out being scared

    It isn't hard to wear in public. Only way anybody will know your wearing is if you show your uncomfortable or nervous. Like someone mentioned earlier, I doubt people are really staring at your crotch or booty.
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    First thrift store find!

    Open packages of diapers aren't the same as opened packages of underwear, just sayin.. the diapers may have just not been the right fit for the person they were purchased for and instead of just throwing the package away they donated the rest of the unused ones. Underwear would be a much more...
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    How long can I wear after going #3?

    I'm sure your fine, not like its made of flesh eating acid. Have fun.
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    My new pacifiers!

    After you buy your first one Milko its no sweat. Most people in stores won't assume its for you unless you make it obvious. Cashiers will just think your buying it for someone in your family.
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    AB Milestones

    DIY Diapers Purchased Diapers in-store Purchased Diapers online Parent discovered diapers Roommates/Flatmates discovered diapers Wet diaper Messed diaper Full night sleep wearing Wetting lying down Wetting while asleep Purchased clothing (instore/online) Purchased pacifier Slept all...