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    Reaching 15th prestige

    Anyone done it? Anyone close? Anyone have any tips? After staying at level 50 for quite some time I began the trek through the prestiges. It's tough. Any suggestions or stories?
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    Does anyone know if this is a legitimate site? I can't see how DiaperGal would allow there paid photos to be seen free. The site states that they work with DiaperGal to host the photos but.... Any feedback appreciated.
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    Asking for Christmas?

    HA I wish I was that brave.... Can anyone say they are?
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    May i just say... bravo

    got my depends fitted max protection (my first diapers with tabs and plastic backing =) ) and may i just say that i love the heck outta em. its hard to wear with family around because of the crunch but my god....
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    DL Town

    I am very weary about going to diaper sites because i am afriad if i get a virus my parents will track it back and see it came from diaper sites!! So i was wondering if anyone could tell me about DL Town, is it legitimate?
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    ADMIN: Idea ( and please correct me if i am wrong..)

    I enjoy reading about close call stories or parents finding out howeverm there are about 10 zillion in all the different forums. Can a new forum be made (by mods or just even memebers) or is there one already? Am i the only one that feels this way?
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    Whats the *B

    what differences are there between *B/DL and AB/DL. Or arent there any? If so what does the * mean?
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    Looking for a story...?

    Augh I couldn't decide which forum to put this in, i thought it might get over looked in off topic but wasn't a story so it couldn't go in with stories... Anywhom I am looking for a story i read once about a tb that i remember liking but cant find now -It was about a 15-17 year old girl, named...
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    Good Sites...

    I'm not looking for anything nasty or anything but i was just wondering if there are any good, safe sites out there with partial to no nudity girls in diapers.
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    Good Nites

    I bought myself a pack and these are more absorbent than some of the wal mart and target brands (i.e. Depends and Depends ripoffs.) i highly recomend them if you can fit into the highest size (which is fairly large) I very much like these, they are the first i have worn around family because i...
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    Do they make plastic backed anymore?

    Was at Wal-Mart getting in on some of the cheapos... (Heh, i need more cash) and i couldn't for the life of me find a single pack with plastic backing!!! Any help?
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    What's the biggest?

    K, so I was just wondering, two questions actually... 1.) What's the largest child diaper? 2.) This one kinda braches off the last... what's the largest plastic child diapers availible? Any reply will be appreciated, I get child ones because it seems less suspicious cause i'm still paranoid...
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    This is stupid!

    I just read the "your stash" article and everyone is saying "O i have only so many because i have to hide them...." true, i hide mine also, but geez we shouldn't have to. Its just different then what people are used to. Homosexuals can walk freely down a street, what's to stop us?
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    Can you become dependant?

    I just got my first pack (horray!) at my grocery store, it was tough, but I got kid ones so it wouldnt seem suspicious (cruisers size 7) Anywhom, I was wondering if someone after like 2 weeks just goes in the diaper and doesnt think abiut it. I've had mine for like 2 days and already feel a tad...