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  1. anton

    Need help explaining “acceptance”

    My wife and i have been struggling with many issues over the years. We have been together for 24 years and married for almost 23 of them. We separated two months ago hoping to save the marriage. It appears to have worked. Tomorrow she is moving back home and we are working through several areas...
  2. anton

    Spouse questions; am I being unreasonable?

    Ok, to start I am DL and slightly incon. I wear almost 24/7 and my wife is fine with it. Early on I was just DL and she was not ok with it. I let her know very early in our relationship and basically did it when she was not around. Every once in a while it would cause a pretty good argument, but...
  3. anton

    Not sure how to react

    I don’t really know how many of you have spouses that reluctantly accept. I’m in that situation. She has been accepting but not participating for a very long time. I wear for need as much as for want at this point and it really doesn’t come up any more. However, recently she has been drinking...
  4. anton

    Diaper pins on disposables

    I purchased a case of ABU's Simple during the "tape the tapes' sale and was having problems with the duct tape staying stuck to the plastic shell of the diaper. I remember reading somewhere that diaper pins work to keep the disposable tapes on and decided to give it a try. I'm on my third day...
  5. anton

    Bambino stretch

    Has anyone tried these? With the current sale, I'm interested but would love to hear from people that have tried them first. I'm a huge ABU and Dry 24/7 fan, but am curious about these.
  6. anton

    Best plastic pants for cloth?

    What are the best plastic pants for use with cloth diapers? And where is the best place to ft them? I have tried baby, but they just don't last very long, and, which seem fairly good. I'm hoping to move to more re-usable diapers and want a quality plastic pant to...
  7. anton

    hi/intro post

    I've been a lurker for some time and signed up a few weeks ago with no posts. I run my own small business in the real estate/finance profession and am happily married with children. I have been a DL for almost as long as I can remember (40+ years). I love to ski and am an avid NLF fan as well as...