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    I know everyone is tired of relationship questions but...

    You can keep on enjoying being an AB, just not with her around. You are suggesting both of the extremes in this situation. If she is not cool with it, don't do it around her. Then go nucking futs when she leaves
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    A few questions about diapers

    Hope this helps!
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    How would you react if it was trendy to wear adult diapers

    I'm sure some hipster has tried it. Probably not ironic enough though.
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    My start and the binge and purge

    Very interesting and generally informative post. I myself can relate to you with the binge purge cycle. I am away at college and so the stress of work and school usually makes me all but forget about diapers. On a slow night here and there though I get the most uncontrollable urges... It really...
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    Recent Bambinos

    It's the softest I have ever come across. I have really sensitive skin, (especially during the frigid winters of Minnesota!) and found that they do not cause any chafing. Barring that fact and going along with the idea of "have they maintained the same level of softness" I can not say. I only...
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    Solution to Bambino Teddy Tapes?

    I just bought a sample pack of teddys along with my regular order and I experienced this problem as well. Just press them on firmly and they should stay.
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    Reaching 15th prestige

    I was just thinking about this a bit after I posted... I am going to stay at 4th. (Black Ops by the way). I have way more fun goofing around with my roommate with tomahawks and level 7 sensitivity. I play people below my skill level too mainly thanks to the wonderful matchmaking...
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    Reaching 15th prestige

    Anyone done it? Anyone close? Anyone have any tips? After staying at level 50 for quite some time I began the trek through the prestiges. It's tough. Any suggestions or stories?
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    Diaper Stash Found After You Are Gone?

    Install a self-destruct device linked directly to your heart.
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    its not smelly at least. When I lived at home I would occasionally do it because I would usually have to wait upwards of five or six days til the next trash pickup to get rid of diapers sometimes.
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    Does anyone know if this is a legitimate site? I can't see how DiaperGal would allow there paid photos to be seen free. The site states that they work with DiaperGal to host the photos but.... Any feedback appreciated.
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    my girlfriend i think she like diapers to

    Haha he's talking like the minnesotan on family guy... So I waz about to bohne mai gurlfrend but she sed dere waz just noh way
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    Asking for Christmas?

    HA I wish I was that brave.... Can anyone say they are?
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    May i just say... bravo

    BRAVO!!! haha but yeah i realize you guys' point and appreciate it. I am just gonna stick with these for a while because i prefer not to wear when people are home so i dont have much time anyways to wear. It's only in my wildest dreams that a big brown box of super diapers are delivered right to...
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    May i just say... bravo

    got my depends fitted max protection (my first diapers with tabs and plastic backing =) ) and may i just say that i love the heck outta em. its hard to wear with family around because of the crunch but my god....
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    Abena X-Plus vs. Bambino Bianco Quantitative Test

    hazaa thats sweet
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    DL Town

    Thanks to both of you guys yeah i will try it out it just looked kind of fishy seeing that it is so new....
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    DL Town

    I am very weary about going to diaper sites because i am afriad if i get a virus my parents will track it back and see it came from diaper sites!! So i was wondering if anyone could tell me about DL Town, is it legitimate?
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    ADMIN: Idea ( and please correct me if i am wrong..)

    I enjoy reading about close call stories or parents finding out howeverm there are about 10 zillion in all the different forums. Can a new forum be made (by mods or just even memebers) or is there one already? Am i the only one that feels this way?
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    Whats the *B

    what differences are there between *B/DL and AB/DL. Or arent there any? If so what does the * mean?