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    what is a little?

    Could someone explain what a 'little' is? I've seen the tem and am slightly curious.
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    SOKY Golf

    The SOKY Stae Golf Championship is August 17th, 3:00PM on the front nine at Lindsey Golf Course, Fort Knox. I have a practice round today at 3:40. Has anyone here ever played a military golf course? Lindsey is a lot of fun.
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    New single tab diaper in USA?

    Will a reasonably priced single tab adult diaper be sold in the United States anytime soon?
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    Likey Likey

    Who likes the new Goodnites? I love them! They are super comfy and very absorbent. The designs are cool too!
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    Does anyone here have FAS, or know someone who does?
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    Who has a fascination with hair? What to you is perfect hair, and why do you believe it is perfect?
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    New Goodnites

    Just got the new Goodnites today and they are super comfy! Anyone else wear them yet?
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    Potty training

    How do you think kids should potty train? How old were you when you trained? I was eight.
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    Seni Kids

    Are Semi Kids available in the USA?
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    First practice round.

    I played my first practice round for the 2014 Special Olympics Kentucky Louisville Area Golf Tournament today. I played nine holes and fired off a 2-over par 36 with a birdie from two feet on the final hole. I've won the Louisville tournament nine consecutive times and am looking forward to...
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    Celebrating Champions

    Did anyone watch Celebrating Champions on Fox Sports 1 tonight? I did, and I am glad that I was a part of that amazing spectacle that was the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games. I will make it to the 2018 Games and I will try my best to get a gold medal and be the National Champion. I live my life...
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    Special Olympics

    Any fellow Special Olympians here?
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    2014 Speciai Olympics USA Games New Jersey

    I will be coming home to Kentucky after carding 284 over 54 holes. I missed the gold medal by one stroke and will be awarded my silver medal today at Rider University.
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    Roller Coasters

    Anyone like coasters? If so, list your faves, and why they are.
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    New design

    Will there be new designs for GoodNites?
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    Bed bugs

    Has anyone dealt with Bed Bugs? I'm battling these evil little monsters. Any tips are welcome. Please give links to expert advice.
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    2014 Special Olympics USA Games in Princeton New Jersey.

    Anyone from the Princeton, New Jersey area? If so, are you going to the Games June 14th-20th? I am representing Kentucky in Level 5 18-hole Individual Stroke Play. I'm playing out of Bardstown Country Club in Bardstown, Kentucky.
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    Great News!!!

    I want to inform you all that I am representing Kentucky at the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games in Princeton New Jersey in June.
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    I'm trying to get into Parkour to prep for the coming golf season. Any teachers here?
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    XBox One, who has one?

    I love mine. Forza 5 rocks!