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  1. guyinthebox

    How tall are you?

    6'1" both love and hate my height.
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    :laugh: lol :laugh: i can see the upside of this device in the health care industry though. probably save on diapers by changing when the person is moderately wet, and knowing when they are wet. on a side note; Welcome, to the WORLD OF INFORMATION!
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    Reserved Inventor i don't know about that one though, but i think i'm a special case lol. i always hated questions that ask about yourself; cause i don't fully know who i am, just who i think i am. as Freud put it: you can't analyze yourself.
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    Could there be a connection to all this?

    i've had a good raising and no disabilities, the worst thing that happened to me was my parents got divorced when i was about 6ish. but i still see both parents and there's no hate between them, so i don't think it's a cause of my AB/DL. i think i was potty trained at 2 and i don't remember...
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    Ebay Listing

    indeed. some look thinner in the pile though, i wonder if some are stuffed. i would get some but 14 for $40 is a little much for me when i could get 16 trusted Bambinos for $30
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    Movie Quotes

    well if no ones going to answer... Ferris Bueller's Day Off!
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    Movie Quotes

    You don't get it! do ya? -Detective Jammy, Puppet Rapist
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    he was saying people from CA are lazy, or CA gives him a lot of examples of people being lazy. ether way i'm lazy and come from CA. the 'I resemble that remark' is and old comedic line; there's examples of it on google, i would link them but i'm too lazy :laugh:
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    coming from CA i resemble that remark! i don't complain about more work though, what happens happens. but i am lazy and love to procrastinate (it was the student motto of my high school), always wait till the last day to do my work. also like to stay in my PJ's when i go out cause i'm to lazy...
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    Who else is excited that Valve is releasing Steam for Mac?

    lol that's true. but its just more hassle then its worth. i only have a few problems with it, my friends who use it religiously hate it.
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    Who else is excited that Valve is releasing Steam for Mac?

    ya but it's... steam... good that the games are coming over though. they have some very good ones, just wish steam wasn't tied to them :wallbash:
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    Gave up on Microsoft(xbox), now what?

    ditch that x-box like a dirty diaper, nothing good can come from it. *boos x-box* i would say get a PS3, but you should check if it has any games you want play, plus it has blue ray. PC will always be awesome though. but that's just me.
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    Movie Quotes

    me and my friends had this discussion and decided that the unstoppable force is just deflected by the immovable object. that way they both keep they're said properties. as for the mass and momentum, cant help you there, sorry. and from office space: Yeaaaaaaaah.....
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    Movie Quotes

    In the face! In the FACE! -The Hangover
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    Happy Birthday ST!

    Happy Birthday ST!
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    Grammar Nazi Poll

    Unimportant: As long as I can get the general idea, it's all good. couldn't say it better myself. on IMs i try to get it over with fast and use words like u c r, and shorten others. i'm also a really bad speller, and if spell check wasn't here you would all be insane (yes, it is that bad). on...
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    Shortest time in a used diaper.

    when i first started about 10 min if that, cause depends suck. but with my bambinos or abri x-plus i go as long as i can until they leak.
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    Now for something completely different

    i cant help but think how they all looks like the start of awesome dwarf beards, but maybe i RP to much >.>
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    liKe loopy i just needed a name that wouLdn't trace back to me, and it was the first thing to pop up. i don't know where i got it from, mAybe jack in the box was in my mind. i'm thinking about changing it, not caRing that much if it leads back to me. cause when i see it now, it remands me of...