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  1. begard

    Saw this on facebook.

    Yup, pretty much.:frown:
  2. begard

    Bug Report ADISC Offline - UK -07/11/15

    Hi Moo, You're probably already aware but, just in case, ADISC was unavailable in the UK between about 7pm and midnight (at which point I stopped checking), BST time yesterday. The report was a 520 error from cloud flare, Ray Id: 241bcbc35399347c . 2015-11-07 20:31:02 UTC. I have a screen...
  3. begard

    Childrens car on the road

    I've picked out my Christmas present:biggrin: BBC News - Adult-sized 'Little Tikes' takes to the road
  4. begard

    Suggestion Searching the site cont.

    Okay first off I'm a bit ticked off that you closed the thread when we were in mid discussion, with no reason that's not very nice. :sadno: If you don't want to have the discussion say so but give me a chance to respond please! Second, moo, with all due respect I wasn't suggesting out sourcing...
  5. begard

    Suggestion Searching the site

    This is maybe quite a biggy but the search function. The search box at the top of all the pages is pretty useless. It just seems to return pages at random. Using an website constrained google search is much more reliable for actually finding what you want but less convenient. I realise this...
  6. begard

    Diaper Training and pavlov

    So I stumbled on this idea rather inadvertently and thought I should share. Not sure if it's come up before It will most likely help other newbies struggling to break their program and retrain their body to wet in any position. The Pavlovian response is where you train your body to link two...
  7. begard

    Greetings All

    So, I have been lurking for a week-ish (shame on me) and last night I finally lost my Nappy virginity! I enjoyed it greatly and since it seems I will be sticking with it (In fact #2 is currently in action). I thought it was time to declare myself. So I am an academic working in a university, I...