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  1. Samaki

    Windows 7 beta

    I would download and install it, if I had access to the computer that no one is using, and is sitting next to my computer but for some reason my dad won't let me use it. Seriously, I used it for a while while I didn't have this computer (woot for bad grades) and ever since I got my comp back, it...
  2. Samaki


    The 350D was less expensive then the 300D actually, but they are both expensive, I'll check ebay though, thanks for the recommendations.
  3. Samaki


    So, I atm have a Canon Powershot A540 O.o. SUCKS!!!! Anyways, my Zune software on my computer just randomely broke (don't worry I've tried everything to fix it XD) and so I'm selling it to get an itouch, but I've been thinking, I would rather have a new camera since I do have an mp3 player atm...
  4. Samaki

    Show us your desktop

    Lol it was a shitty monitor from my Dad's work and he just kept saying "GET THE DRIVERS!!!!" I'm just like "THE MONITOR IS FUCKED DAD!" Like not only would it like flicker like crazy when it was plugged in, but it would like turn itself on and off when it was not plugged into my comp. Plus the...
  5. Samaki

    Show us your desktop

    I almost had a duel, until I learned the old monitor was completely fucked!
  6. Samaki

    Why is it?

    I guess what everyone's said so far. I know that the first person I came out to was one of my best friends, and that was over AIM. Even then though, it was really hard to do...
  7. Samaki

    Show us your desktop

    My desktop XD, almost all of those files are for my CSS server XD, I tend to spread everything around lol. I have the zune theme for XP, I luffs it!
  8. Samaki

    Where did you get your screenname?

    ebay... Jk, my name comes from a book that is very special to me and helped me during a VERY hard time during my life. I've had Samaki for a while now, actually I think this was the first or second site I actually used it XD! My SN used to be something from WoW but I'm not going to go into...
  9. Samaki

    Anyone play any intsruments?

    I have been singing since I was like 3 XD playing the piano since I was 7 playing flute since I was 12 and I'm just learning bass, wewt for fail? XD Also, the flute is totally the most manliest instrument ever! Apparently I'm a great singer, but besides chorus when I was younger I don't...
  10. Samaki

    Favorite Band?

    Mine would be Owl City, I love all of their work. Well you can't really say their since it's only one person but whateveh! lol My second favorite would probably be.... hmmmm... Zeromancer, but only for their one song, Dr. Online, I actually haven't listened to any of their other songs, I should...
  11. Samaki

    Lol sup!!!!

    -.-, well I rem something about it, and I'm pretty sure you were the one who told me, mabeh I could check my chat logs, but I'm too lazy atm.
  12. Samaki

    Lol sup!!!!

    Maybeh we r O.o. Jk. Btw, me and Jon are NOT dating XD lol, apparently that was going around or something?
  13. Samaki

    Lol sup!!!!

    luff you too jon.
  14. Samaki

    Lol sup!!!!

    ZOMG sup, I like totally haven't been on this site in FOREVER!!!!! Nyways, yeah. I'm back. I still am on the IRC A lot, so most of you probably didn't miss me, but meh. I didn't really leave it's just, I had access to most of yous via IRC, besides mandi!!!!! Nyways, I started feeling...
  15. Samaki

    Computer Setups!

    I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it connects all of your computers to one keyboard. I think it uses your network to do it.
  16. Samaki

    Show us your desktop

    Planet Renders rules XD.
  17. Samaki

    The book you are reading...

    I JUST finished The whole Twilight series a few days ago, took me about a week and a half, was SUCH a good series. I figured she wouldn't be able to end it well but she did, it ended perfectly, I dunno how she did it, but I'm happily satisfied, although I will admit, I would like to see more...
  18. Samaki

    ***Super Important*** (OLD TBDL.ORG/FORUM)

    I agree, I think that a whole website, instead of just a forum would look better, and be easier to navigate =/. I wasn't hear when was around either, so I don't feel your guys' pain =/.
  19. Samaki

    Guitar Hero 4

    Yeah, I can't wait for Linkin Park, I hope they have numb and With You. Also, can you write songs, or just make Charts for the guitar?
  20. Samaki

    Guitar Hero 4

    Well I'm super pumped for GH4 on the Wii. Not only will it be the first ever wii game to have DLC (confirmed) but it will also be the first GH to have drums =D. Now, I know all your RB fans are out there saying BOOOOOO RB MADE DRUMS FIRST!!!!! But apparently, the drums idea came from a former...